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From Leon Melnicenko 

Bootcamp Instructor & PT
Founder of Unique Bootcamp Workouts

Dear Trainer,

Do you ever feel stuck for great workouts ideas? 

Stats taken from over 130 trainers over in my Unique Bootcamp Workouts Facebook community showed that on average trainers are spending 40 hours per month online researching & creating new workout ideas. 

(Some reported up to 60 hours!)

These stats also factored in how much time is wasting browsing the web, scrolling through social media and watching you tube videos each time you search the net for new ideas. 

Today, you get that time back, because I'm giving you free...
 Access to 1000's of creative 
group workout ideas 

My name is Leon Melnicenko and welcome to The Workout Design Club Elite, where Creativity meets Innovation. 
The WDC Elite is designed to free up a lot more of your time, and help you stand out in your local community as the place to go for a fun & effective group workout. 

My elite club will give you the power to knock out consistently new, unique and amazing workouts, week after week without wasting any time or stressing out. 

Never again will you be faced with writers block, or struggle to find incredible workouts that will help you attract new clients and keep your current members long term paying customers. 

I have created a solution which will free up more of your time, and give you instant access to 1000's of powerful workout ideas.
The Workout Design Club helps you plan your bootcamp and group fitness sessions in minutes. 
Here's What You Get As A Member 
"I design all my weekly workouts from scratch and no workout is ever repeated".
1. 455 x 1 Hour Workouts
  • Plus 5 x 1 hour (brand new) workouts are uploaded to your members area each week.
  • Each workout contains 2-4 new & unique challenges that you won't find anywhere else in the world. 
  • Designed to challenge all abilities. Beginner through to your super hardcore advanced. 
  • Interchangeable exercises, meaning you can switch out my exercises for your own. 
Unique Group Fitness Drills That Will Help You Stand Out As Refreshingly Different
  •  Team challenges
  •  Team games
  •  Team circuits
  •  Team elimination drills 
  •  Build your own workouts 
  •  Story based workouts
  •  Team Completion Circuits
  •  Creative fitness tests
  •  Partner challenges
  •  HIT Interval Formulas  
  •  Strength training workouts
  • Fun warm up games
  •  HIIT challenges
  •  Tabata team drills
  •  Points for position drills
  •  EPOC workouts
  •  Themed workouts
  •  Rocket ball drills
  •  Warrior circuits
  •  Turbo circuits 
  •  Time trial challenges
  •  Cardio HIT workouts
  •  7, 14 & 30 day challenges
  •  Relays drills
  •  Musical Finisher Drills
  •  Team adventure drills
  •  Team building workouts
  •  Beat the instructor drills
  •  Individual challenges
  •  Creative finisher drills
  •  Dice, card & tyre challenges
  •  Speed & Agility workouts
  •  Interval training drills
Each 1 hour workout contains 2-4 brand new drills.
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2. The Ultimate Team Games Collection

This gives you a simple, proven plan for creating a huge buzz of excitement around your sessions. 

+ Each month you get 25 brand new challenging bootcamp games that will allow you to inject fun & laughter into your sessions.   
A New Issue Is Added Each Month. 
You Start With..

Issue 1: The Ultimate PRS Champion. 

20 fun & challenging games. All based around the concept of paper, rock, scissors. They are all very different, highly unique and bursting with fun & variety.  Plus… 5 bonus challenges. 

Issue 2: Battle Field Warriors 

20 fun & challenging games. Mostly based around the concept of team challenges. They are all very different, highly unique and bursting with fun & variety. 

Plus… 5 bonus challenges based around the concept of using just 1 cone. Part 1/3

Issue 3: Captains of Crush  

20 fun & challenging games. This issue is jam packed full of really cool games. I think you’ll love these even more than the rest.
Plus… 5 bonus challenges based around the concept of using just 1 cone. Part 2/3

Issue 4: Ultimate Bag of Tricks  

20 fun & challenging games. You'll discover the secret workouts that allowed me to attract over 100 clients through word of mouth. Plus… 5 bonus challenges based around the concept of using just 1 cone. Part 3/3

Issue 5: Supreme Ninja Edition 

Super fun, yet super challenging. The supreme ninja warrior edition is a set of 20 really tough games designed to put your clients through their paces.  (check out Nascar Xfinity)

Issue 6: The Art of War 

You get 20 challenging games like you've never seen before. Mostly team based, lot's of fun and a great way to keep your clients interested and engaged in your sessions.  

Issue 7: Super Games

A fantastic team games manual created by industry expert and the grandfather of bootcamp games Scott York. You get 21 challenging games that you've never seen before. 

3. All Current & Future Workout 
Manuals Are Free To Members

As a member of the Workout Design Club Elite, you get all current & brand new workout releases free of charge. 

This works out at over $250 per year.

Each time I release a new workout manual (which is about 6x per year) it will go straight in to your members area a week before it goes live to the public. You'll never have to fork out for another workout manual ever again. 
Here Are My Newest Manuals 
To Give You Even More Variety 

Interval Cheat Sheet Formula's.  

You get 32 HIIT workout formulas that will get you & your clients killer results. They are super simple to explain, a ton of fun, and guaranteed to bring a new dimension of challenge to your fitness classes. 

+ Designed to get your clients great results in a lot less time. 
+ Can be used for group training, 1-1 PT, or your own personal fitness routine. 

Rocket Ball 

 11 Fun team games with coloured balls. You can purchase the balls from Amazon very cheap. Trust me, they're worth it. 

+ Template based: Switch out my exercises to create 100's of possible designs. 
+ Fun, unique and challenge for all ability levels. 
+ Easy to set up & explain

The Legend of EMOM

Have your clients got what it takes to liberate the city of EMOM from the clutches of the mighty beowulf? In this story based workout, your clients will face 11 EMOM style challenges (5-15minutes) which they must over come from one session to the next. It won’t be easy! 

Chapter 1: The demon of EMOM 
Chapter 2: The undertaking. 
Chapter 3: Split Attack. 
Chapter 4: Under siege. 
Chapter 5: Knocked on your ass. 
Chapter 6: Take victory. 
Chapter 7: The climb. 
Chapter 8: Battle for mole hill. 
Chapter 9: Race to carven creak. 
Chapter 10: The two armies. 
Chapter 11: The emperors throne. 

The Legend of AMRAP

In this stunning sequel, the rightful heir to the throne (Ajax) returns from the city of AMRAP to reclaim his fathers throne. You stand in his way. Beat him in a series of 10 AMRAP style challenges (20-25 minutes) and you will free both the city of EMOM & the city of AMRAP. Fail and the two cities will descend back into darkness for another 1000 years. Possibly forever.

Chapter 1: Back in action 
Chapter 2: Fire starter 
Chapter 3: Iron lungs 
Chapter 4: Testing limits 
Chapter 5: Triple threat 
Chapter 6: Second in command 
Chapter 7: First in command 
Chapter 8: Ajax’s Assassin 
Chapter 9: Temple of Arcadias 
Chapter 10: Ajax Chapter 11: Resurrection

The Legend of AMRAP

In this third instalment of the Legend trilogy, peace reign free within the city of EMOM & AMRAP. But untold enemies are still said tobe out their plotting your demise. If you keep yourself at full strength (using your library of 10 workouts of the day) then you’ll remain un-matched, even for the toughest enemy. It'supto you now. One sign of weakness could bring the Kingdom to its knees. 

Chapter 1: Body blitz 1000 
Chapter 2: Iron heart 1000 
Chapter 3: The fight for 500 
Chapter 4: Tabata conquest 
Chapter 5: Speed freaks 
Chapter 6: EMOM legend 
Chapter 7: AMRAP Legend 
Chapter 8: Jacobs Ladder 
Chapter 9: Scattered reps 
Chapter 10: Fear of the unknown

Magnetic Main Components 

These are tough challenges designed to make up the main part of your session. They’re creative, fun and focus on team work. 

In this amazing new manual you’ll discover….

45 Brand new (never before seen) super fun, yet challenging main components that will keep your clients married to your bootcamp and raving about you everywhere they go.

A Twelve-Thousand-word manual stuffed with brilliant ideas that will make you look like a fun and creative genius. (Now you can spend less time planning)

10-30 Minutes challenges, meaning you've always got the main part of the session covered. (The ultimate time saver when you’re designing the main bulk of your session)  

Magnet Main Components Vol 2

In this amazing sequel you'll discover the secret workouts that grew my bootcamp business to 100+ members through word of mouth. 

In this amazing new manual you’ll discover….

20 Brand new  main components (covers the main part of the session) that will keep your clients spreading the word about your sessions. 

10-30 Minutes challenges, meaning you've always got the main part of the session covered (the ultimate time saver when you’re designing the main bulk of your session).

The Infamous Almost Impossible FDS. 

In this amazing new manual you’ll discover….

 17 Brand new team finishers that practically force your clients to stick together like a family and support one another. 

Interchangeable exercises so you can easily switch out my exercises for your own, meaning you can recycle the same winning finishers over and over again to create something fresh and new.

 The easiest way to add (HIT) High Intensity Training to your workouts, so your client’s become fitter, faster, stronger, leaner……and get the results they want. 

The Fully Editable Version 

This is the Fully Editable Version of the Almost Impossible Finisher Drills Series. 

* You can add in your own exercises to this fully editable version, so you can print and go. 

* Gives you the power to create literally hundreds of new designs. Once you have finished with the original, all you need to do is simply fill in the blanks.

* There are hundreds of possible challenges that can be made in seconds.  

Trap Tabata 

* 10 very tough 35 minute games/challenges that will add a new dimension to your workouts. (Extremely engaging from start to finish)

* Forces your clients to work hard whilst having fun. 

* A Fantastic way to educate your clients on fitness related topics.

* Template based, so you can design countless challenges easily. 

*  Team based (2 or more). Trap Tabata offers a very easy way for your clients to interact and get to know one another. 
4. The Vault 2.0  
The vault contains various masterpieces & top workout resources that will help you stand out in your local area as the place to go for a fun and effective workout. 

The Vault is updated each week with new ideas.  
  • The Monster: A 7 week home fitness challenge designed specifically to keep your clients glued to you bootcamp. 
  • 7 Day Smack Down: A Bonkers 7 day home fitness challenge where players battle it out for prizes. (It's super fun) 
  • Key Strategies for Dealing With Odd-Numbered Groups: 25 strategies for dealing with odd numbered groups, so you'll know exactly how to plan for it, and how to think on your feet during a session. 
  • Ultra HIIT Burn Formula: This incredible HIIT Formula is a 38 minute High Intensity workout that slowly transitions in to a High Intensity Interval Training workout. 1 Template, 100's of possible HIIT workouts. 
  • Roll Insanity Template: Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through exactly how to deploy 1 day fitness challenges. They work like magic to keep your clients loyal and long term paying members.
  • Who Ate All The AMRAPS: A tough but fun 30 minute (template based) partner challenge. The objective of the game is to score as many AMRAPS as possible, but it won't be easy because the instructor is in control for 50% of the game.
  • The Clockwork Beast: One of the most challenging and enjoyable fitness tests you will ever use. Fitness test are essential because it's important that your clients see they're making progress. (Template based) 
  • Battle Field Rush: There's a workout technique that I like to call, inclusion training. Inclusion training is where your clients get a say in how your workout plays out. Not only do they get to make it there own, but they get to work at an intensity that is right for them. Perfect if you're training a mixed ability group.
  • Space Invaders: In this video training I'll show you how I turned this mega popular atari game in to a fully fledged 'template' bootcamp workout. Meaning, you can re-use it over and over again with a slightly new twist. It's fun, effective and something completely new your clients have never seen.
  • Intensity Training: You'll learn a little known secret for designing team based workouts that allow your clients to work at an intensity that is right for them. 
  • And much much more.. 
You'll discover things like.. 
Updated weekly...

5. The Master Joker Series 

The Master Joker Series is a set of unique weekly challenges that will allow you to finish each session with a creative twist. One of the best strategies you can use to keep your clients for longer is to inject as much variety in to your sessions as possible.

The Master Joker Series takes care of that. Each week I release a brand new weekly challenge. 

6. Theme City

A continuously updated library of AMAZING themed workouts. These are fun, memorable and challenging (zero equipment) workouts that your clients are going to absolutely love you for.

+ Lots of fun
+ Great for getting clients talking about your sessions
+ Very easy to explain

And best of all, you get to take all the credit. 

7.  Infinity Templates  

Each week you'll get an extremely unique (template based) workout challenge that you can use with your clients. 

You'll discover..

* How to design fun workout challenges for your clients almost instantly. Bootcamp, PT, Online, Personal, etc. (You can use these workouts to add greater value to your existing membership).

* Interchangeable exercises, meaning you can add in your own exercises that gives you unlimited potential.

Scaled to challenge all ability levels. 

Fully editable: Meaning you re-brand the challenges as you see fit & pass them off as your own hard work. 

8. Video Workouts Library. 

Watch over my shoulder as I talk you through my latest workout ideas, concepts & challenges as I design them. 

+ Continuously updated with the latest ideas
+ View from any device
+ Draw inspiration from wherever you are 

9. Video Exercise Library. 

Access a massive variety of different exercises that you can instantly plug in to your sessions. 

+ Over 250 Unique bodyweight exercises
+ Quick 10 seconds clips
+ Add tons of variety to your workouts 

10. Leons Wacky Designs

These are out of the box designs (short videos) designed to separate you sessions from your competitors.  

+ Extremely creative designs 
+ Can be used with groups or 1-1 PT. 
+ Assess from any device.  

11. The Ultimate Design Pack

This is the ultimate mix and match system. There are unique team workout in here that will literally blow your socks off. 

+ 100 Fun, unique & challenging ideas that you can mix and match to design 1000's of amazing workouts.

+ Scaled to challenge all abilities. 

Team based workouts that create laughter, fun and team bonding. (the recipe for a successful bootcamp)

+ Interchangeable exercises, meaning you can add in your own exercises which gives you unlimited potential.


12. 12x30 day challenges to boost engagement & retention, improve results & build your tribe.

You get 12 incredible 30 day challenges that you can use to add massive value to your membership, or sell to your clients to boost revenue. (value $197)

+ You can edit, add to, re-brand, and sell to your bootcamp clients. You take all the credit. (A $97 value) 

+ Professionally Written Sales/launch Letter (Value $297)

Limited Time Bonus.

13. Boxing Hall of Fame

I struck a deal with fitness experts Nadinne Wilkinson (AMP Fitness) & Sean McCrory (Body Revolutions) to bring you this amazing collection of killer boxing manuals. 

1. Knock out boxing workouts Vol 1
2. Knock out boxing workouts Vol 2
3. Punchy boxing group drills
4. Boxing Bodyweight workouts 

Boxing Technique: demonstrations of different types of punches / pad holding / boxing stance etc.

Combination Boxing: 20 different boxing combinations focusing on power punching via 3 minute rounds.

Speed Boxing: 15 pure cardio boxing workouts based over 2 or 3 minutes to take that heart rate up.

Boxing Circuits: 15 challenging boxing circuits that incorporate other exercises like running and push ups etc.

Boxing Abs: 20 different boxing abdominal workouts 

Plus.. An additional 63 Fun and unique workouts that you can mix and match to form full 1 hour workouts. That's literally 100's of possible workout combinations. 

14. Fun & Creative Fitness Tests

> A continuous supply of fun, creative and unique fitness tests that will show your clients they're making progress. 

> Designed to challenge all ability levels equally.

> Fantastic for word of mouth marketing. 

> Each template is vastly unique in it's own way, 

15. The Ninja Card System 

Create memorable home workouts to use with your PT/bootcamp clients & your own personal workouts.
There are 12 creative & unique workout systems in total that I think you and your clients will love. 

1. Destroy the Deck
2. Kung Fu Warrior
3. Interval Hell
4. Special Ops
5. Demon Dice
6. Delete The Beast
7. The Big Match up
8. Zero Point
9. Deck Monster
10. Tabata Meets AMRAP
11. Colour Match Extreme
12. King Pin Poker

Each workout system requires a deck of cards,
and some require a dice and an interval timer. 

Intelligent Workout Design

All workouts and drills are programmed with bodyweight exercises. But, you can easily switch out my exercises for your own. Be that bodyweight or equipment based.

If you’ve followed my work (Unique Bootcamp Workouts) for any length of time and invested in my manuals, you’ll know that my workouts are highly creative, team based, engaging & 100% unique.
Who Is The WDC Elite For?
Outdoor Group Trainers
Who train between 4 & 60 people in one session.
Indoor Group Trainers
Who train between 4 & 60 people in one session. My workouts are not suitable for small studios where there is no room for running.
    So, Who Am I Exactly?

    My name is Leon Melnicenko and after a 7 ½ year stint as a British Royal Marine Commando, I set up my first outdoor bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training, Plymouth UK) which I operated 10 sessions a week for 4 ½ years. 

    I have instructed well over 1700 sessions. Plus, a weekly corporate team building gig at the world renowned Wrigley's chewing gum factory. 
    In March 2015, I sold the business and moved to sunny Spain. I live with my girlfriend Sophie, our daughter Alba, and our 4 dogs. Chester, Cleo, Kaiser & Maggie.

    I am the owner & founder of Unique bootcamp Workouts, the Workout Design Club Elite and author of over 20 fitness manuals. 

    I spend my time inventing, researching & designing creative & innovative workout ideas for outdoor/indoor group fitness instructors like you. 

    I created the Workout Design Club Elite to free up a lot more of your time so you can hang out more with your family & friends, and concentrate on growing your business. 
    Benefits of Being A Workout Design Club Elite Member
    • Designed to Free up a lot more of your time, so you can spend more time with your family, and concentrate on marketing your business.  (Saving hours of planning each week)
    • Destroy writer block forever, so you'll never be stuck for an brilliant workout ever again
    • Easily stand out as the place to go for a fun & effective workout. You'll be banging out amazing workouts that your competitors can only dream of. 
    • Having access to hot new material each week will give you tons of confidence, so your sessions run smoothly & you look like a true pro   
    • My creative and innovative idea will help you grow your business through word of mouth, and help you to create a huge buzz of excitement around your business
    • You'll have the power to create a fun team atmosphere (every time) that your clients won't want to leave
    I will research, design and deliver fantastic new workouts & drills that will keep your clients interested, loyal, and more importantly, happy & long term paying customers.

    I'll be your secret weapon against competing services. 
    Carly Robinson said... 
    Freshen up your training program today with 
    hundreds of world-class ideas designed
     to save you time and stress.
    You are invited to try the Workout Design Club Elite completely free for 14 days so you can see for yourself how much time & stress this will save you. Pay nothing now, cancel anytime.

    If you stick around after the trial is over, membership is just $1 per day and you can cancel anytime without charge. 

    The WDC Elite will help you create an amazing experience for your clients, so they stay loyal & long term paying customers
    Paul Davis: "74 on my books now and it's all thanks to you".
    What My Elite Members Are Saying

    "Allowed me to claim back 
    some crucial family time"

    The WDC has been amazing! Great, creative and fun workouts - a life saver really." It has allowed me to claim back some crucial "family time." I used to rush the kids off to bed so I could "design tomorrow's workout." They sensed my stress. Now we have been playing family games, chatting and enjoy quality time! That is really what it is all about!! Thank-you Leon!!

    Tina Fritsch, Fit By Design,  Washington

    "By far my best investment this year"

    Since using Leon's unique ideas, my members have doubled and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!

    This is by far my best investment this year. 

    I love your fun & team approach to workouts because they're always fun, challenging, engaging & adaptable. I now have a lot of spare time on my hands now. Thanks!

    Alison Marron, B-FIT Bootcamp, UK

    "It was a great help this week"

    "Ive already signed up for your design club, it was a great help this week as I was flat out at work and didn't have time to even think about boot camp let writing the lesson plans! Thank you for all your hard work"

    Stephen Raynard - Lightmoor Bootcamp UK

    "Workouts are fantastic"

    Your new workouts are making me very popular. 65 on my books now and it’s thanks to you. Workouts are fantastic and new exercises great too"! 

    Thank you - don't forget how much I appreciate the work you are putting in.

    Paul Davis - Military Bootcamps Derbyshire, UK

    "People are sticking with Denny Bootcamp these days because..."

    "I firmly believe people are sticking with Denny Bootcamp these days because they are enjoying YOUR workouts mixed in with a scattering of mine…… so, on the back of that I have decided to take things to the next level and sign up for the Workout Design Club Elite."

    Craig Brown - Denny Bootcamp - Dunfermline Scotland

    Hey Leon: Absolutely love you and your WDC Elite site!!

    "Hey Leon: Absolutely love you and your WDC Elite site! There are so many amazing Ideas & fun workouts" 

    Colleen Walker - Bootcamp Instructor - Dallas, TX

    My clients are loving 
    your creative ideas

    "I am really happy I've subscribed to the WDC Elite. My clients are loving the your creative ideas and they work amazingly well. 

    Wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work".

    Vito - Weights For Soul Bootcamp - Oxfordshire UK  

    "Best thing I've ever signed up for"

    "I 100% agree! I'm only on week 2 of your plans Leon but best thing I've ever signed up for. I just did 4 session plans in 10mins while I was sitting waiting for clients. I just print them all out when I'm on the computer and then have them ready to sort when I have a spare few minutes. I had been in a rut with session plans and I'm excited to be planning again"!

    Bec Hayes - Ambitionz Bootcamp - Queensland Australia

    Alex Said... 

    "If you're looking to keep your clients for the long term, I wouldn't bother looking any further - The value inside the WDC Elite is on another level" 

    (Alex Holowko - PT & Bootcamp Instructor UK) 
      I hope to see you in my Elite club soon. 

      Leon Melnicenko
      Former British Commando & Bootcamp instructor. 

      Skype: Leonmelnicenko
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Who is the WDC Elite For?
      Outdoor/Indoor group fitness instructors who love delivering fun & challenging workouts to their clients. And who are sick and tired of wasting time constantly scouring the net for new ideas.
      I Have A Question?
      Just send me an email and I will get back to you.
      Skype: Leonmelnicenko 
      When will I get my workouts?
      When you sign up for your free trial you'll be directed to a membership page to create your login. Once you're in the members area you'll have access to absolutely everything 24/7. The members area is updated each week so check the updates tab in the members area. 
      Can I Cancel Anytime?
      You can cancel anytime without charge. You're not locked in to a contract. 
      Do I Need Equipment? 
      I have programmed the workouts with bodyweight exercises. But you can easily switch my exercises for your own. Be that bodyweight or equipment based.  
      Can I Put This Against My Tax
      Yes! It's a business expense.