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Get instant access to over 3000 fun and result-focused bootcamp ideas that you can mix and match to plan the most amazing workouts for your group classes. 


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Welcome To The Workout Design Club

Discover, How To Create the perfect group workout LIGHTENING FAST!

The Problems We Solve For Group Trainers:

Time Management:
  • Problem: Planning and creating new, engaging workouts can be incredibly time-consuming.
  • Solution: With WDC, you can access over 3000 pre-designed fun and effective drills, saving you up to 30 hours a month on workout planning. This allows you to focus on more important things. 
Workout Variety:
  • Problem: Keeping workouts fresh and exciting to maintain client interest and prevent boredom can be difficult.
  • Solution: The WDC provides a vast library of drills and weekly updates with new workouts, ensuring that you always have fresh and innovative ideas to keep your classes engaging and varied.
Client Retention:
  • Problem: Retaining clients can be challenging if your workouts become monotonous or fail to deliver results.
  • Solution: The By offering a wide variety of fun and result-focused workouts, the WDC helps you keep your clients motivated and satisfied, leading to higher retention rates and more referrals.
Professional Growth:
  • Problem: Standing out in the competitive fitness industry can be tough.
  • Solution: Utilising the WDC's creative and unique workout ideas will help you build a reputation as a highly skilled trainer who delivers exceptional and enjoyable workouts, thus attracting more clients and enhancing your professional image.

"I run a very popular bootcamp and my classes are always booked solid. These workouts are so creative, and my clients are really enjoying them. There is no way I would be able to deliver such popular bootcamps without your influence".

Sally Hall

Tempest Fitness UK

What's So Different About Our Workouts?

Innovative Challenges:

Unlike the generic and often uninspiring free workouts available online, each workout inside the WDC is crafted with a touch of creativity and innovation. Our workouts are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, ensuring your classes are engaging and stand out.

Flexible Designs:

Our workouts are highly flexible, allowing you to use our exercises or slot in your favourites based on the equipment you have and the exercises you prefer. Whether you use dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, or any other piece of equipment, our workouts can be customised to fit your needs.

Inclusive For All Abilities: 

Designed for all ability levels (beginners to advanced), our workouts challenge everyone equally, allowing participants to work at an intensity that suits them.

Powerful Features

Everything You Need To Keep Your Classes Fresh And Fun

Search Engine (3000+ Drills)

Easily search for the type of workout you want by filtering through workout types, styles, and drill times. Our search engine quickly displays what you’re looking for from over 3000 workout ideas.

Fresh Weekly Workouts

We update the site every Monday with 12 brand-new workouts, so you never run out of new and exciting options to keep your clients happy and engaged.

Save Function

This intuitive function allows you to bookmark your favourite workouts and compile a personal library of top-choice drills. 

Skills Training

Each week, we release a brand-new video training where we teach you our best workouts, drills, and challenges as we create them.

Exercise Library

With hundreds of exercises at your fingertips, you can keep your classes fresh, fun and result-focused. 

Request Box

Looking for a workout that's just right for you? Whether you're marking a special occasion, celebrating a client's birthday, embracing a fun theme, or simply wanting to maximise your go-to equipment, we're here to help.

Drop your idea into our 'Request Box' and watch the magic happen. We'll craft something special and feature it in our next weekly update, tailored just for you and your needs.

Our Approach To Group Training

We specialise in creating enjoyable and effective group workouts that challenge all ability levels and include all components of fitness. We believe in keeping things simple yet impactful, providing trainers with the best workouts in their area.

Our goal is to ensure that trainers can offer a balanced programme that covers all aspects of fitness that contribute to overall health, results and performance.

  • Suitable for all ability levels
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Fun and result-focused
  • Easy to explain
  • Ensures a well-balanced program by including all components of fitness.

Unlock a World of Exciting Workouts

Set your workouts apart with our diverse range of innovative drills, designed to keep your classes fresh, engaging, and incredibly fun. 

Fun Warm Ups

Fun Challenges

Fun Finishers 

Unique HIIT/HIIT Workouts

Creative Partner Drills

Fun Team Games

Themed Workouts

Unique Circuit Styles


Song Finishers

Fun Workouts Based Around...

Dice, coin flip, playing cards, rocks, paper, scissors, tyre flip etc. 

Elite Fitness Tests

Fun Challenges Based Around...

EMOM, AMRAP, Supersets, Tabata, Accumulators etc

Team Inspired

Boxing Inspired 

And much more...

Our Members!

Discover what our members are saying about the Workout Design Club and how it has transformed their group training sessions:

"The level of variety inside the WDC will blow your mind and make you look at group training in a new and exciting way".

Kari Merrill

Programming Director And Head Instructor At Western Racquet And Fitness USA.

"The WDC has played a vital part in the growth of my business & your creative workouts are making me very popular. 137 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you.

Paul Davis

Military Bootcamps UK

“Since using the WDC, my members have doubled through referrals and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!”

Alison Marron 

B-Fit Bootcamp UK

"The WDC is amazing. Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 Hour's a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session.

Vito Marcinkevicius

Weights for Soul Bootcamp UK

Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Join the Workout Design Club?

In today’s competitive market, standing out as the go-to trainer is more crucial than ever. With the fitness industry growing rapidly and more trainers entering the field, it's essential to offer something unique and engaging. Don’t get lost in the crowd with generic routines. 

With the WDC at your side, you can deliver consistently amazing workouts that will keep your clients motivated and allow you to deliver popular classes that are infinitely more enjoyable than anything your competitors are doing. They simply won't have the firepower to complete with you.

Exclusive Lifetime Membership Offer!

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Enjoy lifetime access to the WDC with unlimited updates and a continuous supply of fresh weekly workouts that will keep your clients happy and engaged for years to come.

  • 3000+ Unique Drills
  • Fresh Weekly Workouts
  • Save Function 
  • Weekly Skills Training
  • Request Box
  • Exercise Library 

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Are you ready for the next pandemic if you have to take your business online again? That's why I created this course. Learn how to set up and run popular online fitness challenges efficiently and profitably. This course will also teach you how to convert challenge participants into loyal members, ensuring long-term success and income growth for your fitness business (Value $197).

Fun Fitness Testing Methods (In-house Certification)

In this one-of-a-kind online certification, you'll learn how to assess, measure and improve your group's fitness in all the key areas, so your clients get better results from your training programme (Value $197).

  • 10 Powerful Modules 
  • 108 Creative assessments 
  • Test And Improve All Components of Fitness
  • Performance Trackers
  • Lifetime Access And Updates
  • Email Support

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Managing private groups across social media platforms offers a fantastic opportunity to build stronger communities outside of class times and boost interaction among participants.

And that's where the Content Club comes in—a complete content system that gives you fresh, strategically crafted content every week, designed to match the natural progression of your week.

Every week, our skilled team—comprising expert copywriters, talented graphic designers, and experienced fitness professionals—crafts ready-to-use content that you can effortlessly copy and paste into your groups across all your social media platforms.

This service ensures that your social media groups remain lively, inspiring spaces that keep your community engaged, motivated, and connected.

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Meet The Founder

Leon Melnicenko, a dedicated REP's fitness professional from Bolton, England, brings a wealth of experience from his time as a British Commando. Earning the esteemed green beret, he served with the 42-Commando Royal Marines, honing skills that would later enrich his fitness teachings.

In the Royal Marines, Leon's aptitude for leading engaging troop fitness sessions emerged, revealing his true vocation. Post-military life saw him establish Sound Fitness Team Training, where he conducted over 2000 group classes, PT and corporate team-building sessions, including for the notable Wrigley's company.

Leon created the the Workout Design Club to give group trainers an easy way to plan fun and enjoyable workouts, so they can run popular classes and grow their businesses. 

Today, Leon continues to inspire fitness professionals worldwide with his innovative workout programs, blending his military precision with engaging and effective training techniques that deliver results.

Your Questions Answered

Are the workouts suitable for all fitness levels?

Unlike generic fitness programs, The Workout Design Club is specifically designed with the needs of fitness professionals in mind. It offers a unique blend of creativity, fun, and effectiveness, drawing on thousands of hours of experience and testing to provide workouts that truly stand out. Plus, it includes exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

Who is The Workout Design Club for?

Originally designed for outdoor group trainers, the Workout Design Club also offers a multitude of drills suitable for indoor settings, easily adaptable to any environment. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor group fitness trainer, the WDC is here to help you enhance your classes, improve client satisfaction, and grow your business.

How will The Workout Design Club benefit me?

By providing you with a diverse range of pre-designed workouts and activities, The WDC saves you time in planning and preparation, allowing you to focus more on coaching and client interaction. The innovative and engaging content helps you retain current clients and attract new ones, ultimately growing your business.

Can I use these workouts for both indoor and outdoor classes?

Absolutely! The workouts and activities included in The Bootcamp Career Bundle are versatile and can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor settings. This flexibility ensures you can deliver exceptional classes regardless of location.

How does The Workout Design Club differ from other fitness programs?

Unlike generic fitness programs, The Workout Design Club is specifically designed with the needs of fitness professionals in mind. It offers a unique blend of creativity, fun, and effectiveness, drawing on thousands of hours of experience and testing to provide workouts that truly stand out. Plus, it includes exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

Is there a refund policy for The Workout Design Club?

We've dedicated thousands of hours to developing The Workout Design Club, ensuring it includes only the most effective, innovative, and engaging content to help fitness professionals excel. Given the digital nature of the WDC and the immediate access to all its resources, we do not offer refunds. This policy is in place to protect the integrity and value of our proprietary content, which you gain full access to upon purchase.

We believe in the transformative potential of the WDC for your fitness career and are committed to helping you succeed. To ensure The WDC is the right fit for you, we provide detailed descriptions of its contents and benefits. We encourage you to review all available information and reach out with any questions before joining, so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Contact Leon Direct.

If you have any questions about the Workout Design Club, please get in touch and Leon will get back to you personally.


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