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Unique Bootcamp Ideas For Busy Group Fitness Trainers 

Discover: How Plan Fun And Result Focused Workouts Fast!

Hi, I'm Leon, a British Commando turned bootcamp instructor and creator of the Workout Design Club.

The WDC is for bootcamp trainers who love keeping their sessions fresh and fun, but don't always have the time to keep coming up with new ideas.

We design fun and result focused group workouts that get your clients talking, and spreading the word

about how amazing your camp is, so YOU can run a popular and more profitable bootcamp.

With Over 2500 Fun Drills To Choose From, 

You Can Build Amazing Workouts In Seconds  


Click And Search

Search the type of workout you want. Filter by workout type, workout style and drill time. The WDC search engine filters through over 2500  drills to instantly display what you’re looking for.

Save, Print, Request, ASK!

Save your favourite drills, ask questions, print. You can also request specific workouts for us to design for you.  


Build Powerful Session Plans That Challenge All Abilities Equally

We creative drills with the 10 components of fitness in mind to give your clients better overall results. 

We help you achieve this by designing our workouts in a simple template format, allowing you to slot in your own unique exercises, be that bodyweight, equipment-based, or a combination of both. This unique feature gives you the power to programme your workouts specifically for clientele, so you can deliver the best possible results.  

Essential Skills: Video Training Hub 

Learn the hottest group training techniques & creative workout formats not taught anywhere else. 

With over 50 amazing training tutorials (and counting), you'll have the skills to stand out head and shoulders from your competitors. 

Bootcamp exercises

Video Exercise Library

With over 360 exercises to choose from, you can dramatically increase the variety of your training programme, so your clients stay happy and engaged. 

Weekly Workout Ideas (Covid Friendly) 

Enjoy a weekly supply of brand new group fitness ideas that will keep your clients happy and coming back for more.  

I spend around 60 hours each month designing fun and result focused drills, so you focus on growing your business and taking care of your clients. 

Leons Secret Vault

Leon's secret vault is packed with invaluable business resources, courses, trainings and special products, like Sean T's complete boxing system, the ninja card system training course and my my infamous 30-day (done for you) clean eating course. To name a few. 

You can access these top trainings, workout systems and courses and resources for free as a member of the WDC. 

Our Workouts Are Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Training

What Our Members Are Saying About

The Workout Design Club?

74 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you

"The WDC has played a vital part in the growth of my group fitness business & your creative workouts are making me very popular. 74 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you."

Paul Davis  // Military Fitness, UK

My clients are starting to bring referrals to class

"Ever since I have started incorporating your workouts, my bootcamp has been lifted to the next level! My clients are starting to bring referrals to class and they are loving it!"

Laura Detmar  // I am beautiful bootcamp, San Diego, California

My members have doubled

“Since using Leon's unique bootcamp ideas, my members have doubled and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!”

Alison Marron  // B-FIT Bootcamp, UK

Allowed me to claim back some crucial family time

"The WDC has been amazing! Great, creative and fun workouts - a life saver really. It has allowed me to claim back some crucial family time."

Tina Fritsch // Fit by Design, US

They Love My Workouts

"I have recruited 7 more clients this month because of word of mouth... THEY LOVE MY WORKOUTS!! Totally saved my business....Hey...That's an additional $1400 per month".

Norma Zitterkopf  // Argyle Adventure Bootcamp, Texas

I just did 4 session plans in 10 mins while..

Best thing I've ever signed up for. I just did 4 session plans in 10 mins while I was sitting waiting for clients.”

Bec Hayes // Ambitionz Bootcamp – Aus

Helped take my bootcamp onto another level

"The WDC has helped take my bootcamp to another level this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Every month I am amazed at what new, and wonderful things are posted in the member section."

Craig Brown // Denny Bootcamp - Dunfermline Scotland

This is going to save me so much time

"This is going to save me so much time, My programs are going to be based on your creative workout concepts, thanks."

Steven Butler // Barefit Bootcamp - UK

Best Business Decision I have ever made

"Hi Leon. I just signed up for the Workout Design Club which is probably the best business decision I have ever made."

Carly Robinson  // Fit Your Need Bootcamp - New Zealand

I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas

"I run a bootcamp called 'Fit for Life' and can't tell you how much I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas. My clientele has doubled 'mainly through word of mouth' since using them. Thanks Leon"

Dimple Sopher // Fit for Life UK

30 Hours a month planning down to 3

"The WDC is amazing. Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 Hours a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session".

Vito Marcinkevicius  // Weights for Soul Bootcamp - UK

The WDC Lets You Plan Your Workouts In Minutes, So You Can Focus On More Important Tasks

You are invited to try the Workout Design Club so you can see for yourself how much time & stress this will save you. Membership is just $20/month (USD), and you can cancel anytime.  

Hi I'm Leon.

After leaving the British Commandos in 2013,  I used my qualifications as a PT & group trainer to open my first outdoor bootcamp - Sound Fitness Team Training, Plymouth UK. My unique approach of designing effective workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun allowed me to grow Sound Fitness to 120+ members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth. 

I created the Workout Design Club for bootcamp trainers who love keeping 
their sessions fresh and fun, but don't always have the time to keep coming up with new ideas. With over 2000 creative drills to choose from, the WDC gives you a simple, proven plan for delivering consistently amazing workouts.

When I'm not creating workouts, I'm hanging out with Sophie and our 2 beautiful girls Alba and Lili. Our absolute world. Happy times. 

To your continued success.
Leon Melnicenko
CEO - Workout Design Club 


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