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Unique Bootcamp Ideas For Busy Group Fitness Trainers

Supercharge your group fitness programme with over 3000 fun and result-focused workouts.

Dear Group Trainer

To run popular fitness classes, it's crucial to deliver workouts that are both enjoyable and effective, and that's why we created the Workout Design Club.

With over 3000 creative workouts at your disposal, you can shift your focus towards efficiently running your business, rather than spending countless hours brainstorming, planning, and searching for new workout ideas.

Here's How It Works

Search And Build

Search the type of workout you want. You can filter by workout type, workout style & drill time. Our search engine filters through over 3000 workout ideas to instantly display what you’re looking for.

Save, Print, Request, Ask!

Save your favourite drills, ask questions, print. You can also request specific workouts to be created. 

Everything You Need To Plan The 

Perfect Group Workouts


Search from over 3000 creative drills and plan the perfect workouts quickly and easily. You can expect to save around 30 hours a month. 


Got an idea for a workout? Let us know, and we'll create it for you. This is the world's only done-for-you service that brings your group ideas to life. 


We update the site every Monday with 12 brand-new workouts, so you never run out of new and exciting options to keep your clients happy and engaged.


Choose from over 300 exercises (and counting) and add a new level of variety to your classes. 


Save your favourite drills and create a library of your most-liked workouts. 


Each week we release a brand new video training where we teach you our best workouts, drills and challenges as we create them.

Our Approach To Group Training

We specialise in creating enjoyable and effective group workouts that challenge all ability levels and include all components of fitness. We believe in keeping things simple yet impactful, providing trainers with the best workouts in their area.

Our goal is to ensure that trainers can offer a balanced programme that covers all aspects of fitness that contribute to overall health, results and performance.


Join us in revolutionising group fitness with our fun, balanced, and result-focused workouts, and watch your business thrive.

Benefits of Membership

  • Save Countless Hours
  • Happier Clients
  • Higher Retention
  • More Referrals
  • Better Reputation
  • A More Profitable Business

Who Is The WDC For Exactly?

The WDC is for outdoor and indoor group trainers who love keeping their classes fresh and fun but don't always have to time to keep coming up with new ideas.

When It Comes To Variety 

Nothing Comes Close To The WDC!

Fun Warm Ups

Creative Workouts

Fun Finishers 

Unique HIIT/HIIT Workouts

Partner Drills

Team Games

Themed Workouts

Unique Circuit Formats

EMOM, AMRAP, SUPERSETS, Tabata, Accumulators etc

Song Finishers

Tabata Style 

Fun Fitness Tests


Team Inspired

Boxing Inspired 

And much more...

What Our Members Are Saying.

My clients are starting to bring referrals to class

"Ever since I have started incorporating your workouts, my bootcamp has been lifted to the next level! My clients are starting to bring referrals to class and they are loving it!"

Laura Detmar // I am beautiful bootcamp, San Diego, California

My members have doubled

“Since using the WDC, my members have doubled through referrals and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!”

Alison Marron  // B-FIT Bootcamp, UK

Allowed me to claim back some crucial family time

"The WDC has been amazing! Great, creative and fun workouts - a life saver really. Planning my week in advance which takes around 30-minutes using the workout builder has allowed me to claim back some crucial family time."

Tina Fritsch // Fit by Design, US

They Love My Workouts

"I have recruited 7 more clients this month because of word of mouth... THEY LOVE MY WORKOUTS!! Totally saved my business....Hey...That's an additional $1400 per month".

Norma Zitterkopf  // Argyle Adventure Bootcamp, Texas

Best Business Decision I have ever made

"Hi Leon. I just signed up for the Workout Design Club which is one of the best business decision I have ever made."

Carly Robinson  // Fit Your Need Bootcamp - New Zealand

Helped take my bootcamp onto another level

"The WDC has helped take my bootcamp to another level this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Every month I am amazed at what new, and wonderful things are posted in the member section."

Craig Brown // Denny Bootcamp - Dunfermline Scotland

74 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you

"The WDC has played a vital part in the growth of my group fitness business & your creative workouts are making me very popular. 137 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you.

Paul Davis  // Military Fitness, UK

I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas

I run a bootcamp called 'Fit for Life' and can't tell you how much I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas. My clientele has doubles mainly through word of mouth since using them. Thanks Leon"

Dimple Sophia // Fit for Life UK

30 Hours a month planning down to 3

"The WDC is amazing. Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 Hours a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session". 

Vito Marcinkevicius  // Weights for Soul Bootcamp - UK

Unlock Your Training Potential Today With Over 3000 Powerful Group Workouts

Join the WDC now and unlock a world of over 3,000 innovative drills, with new and exciting updates added every week. For just $20 a month – that's merely $5 a week – you'll be at the forefront of creative training techniques.

$20.00/month (cancel anytime)

Meet Leon

Leon Melnicenko, a dedicated REP's fitness professional from Bolton, England, brings a wealth of experience from his time as a British Commando. Earning the esteemed green beret, he served with the 42-Commando Royal Marines, honing skills that would later enrich his fitness teachings.

His military service, marked by a significant tour in Afghanistan, imbued him with a unique perspective on physical training and team cohesion.

In the Royal Marines, Leon's aptitude for leading engaging troop fitness sessions emerged, revealing his true vocation. Post-military life saw him establish Sound Fitness Team Training, where he conducted classes and corporate team-building sessions, including for the notable Wrigley's company.

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