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Discover: The Group Fitness Search Engine That Lets You Show Up To Every Session With A Kick-Ass Workout

Hi, I'm Leon, a Royal Marine Commando turned group fitness trainer. 

We've all been there. You sit down to plan a workout and nothing new springs to mind. So, you waste the next hour searching the internet for random drills. These stressful moments, which there has been many for me, are what prompted me to come up with a solution I call the Workout Design Club.

"The Workout Design Club is a super-advanced group fitness search engine that gives you access to a massive variety of fun, creative & challenging group fitness ideas. You can now plan interesting and varied sessions in a matter of minutes, which is extremely valuable when you live a busy life".

Meet The Ultimate Session Planner For Group Trainers

Ultra-Time Saving Technology At Your Fingertips Whenever You Need It

Here's How It Works

1. Search Workout Type

Search the type of workout you want. You can also filter by workout type, workout style & drill time. Our advanced search engine filters through over 1600+ workout ideas to instantly display what you’re looking for.

2. Select What You Like

Select the drills you like. You can print them off, save your favourites, copy and paste, and comment beneath each workout if you have questions. 

Watch Demo: How to Design your group workouts lightening fast, with zero stress.

"The most amazing tool and time saver"

WDC is by far the most amazing tool and time saver for me and my business. With everything there at my finger tips, I know I can put together a great session each and every time!

Natalie Smith  //  TGIF Fitness Echuca

Build Powerful Session Plans That Challenge All Abilities

We believe you can get your clients fantastic results by incorporating the 11 components of fitness in to your training programme.

We help you achieve this by designing our workouts in a simple template format, which allows you to slot in your own exercises, be that bodyweight, equipment-based, or both.

This unique feature gives you the power to programme your workouts specifically for your clientele, so you can deliver the best possible results. 

Titan Tutorials 

Learn the hottest training techniques & creative workout concepts available today. 

Designed to put your trainers skills on a completely different level, these daily tutorials are like taking your PHD in creative workout design, but without the cost.

Titan Library

With over 360 exercises to choose from (and counting), you'll have the power to inject tons of variety into each new workout. 

Save Your Favourite Drills

Build a personal library of your favourite drills, so you can repeat proven winners (great for impressing newbies) and improve your training programme.  

Weekly Updates

Every Monday the Workout Design Club is updated with 12 brand new and innovative group workout ideas. This means you'll always have something new and exciting to surprise your clients with. 

Ultimate Time Saving Mechanism

Our team spends around 60 hours each month designing creative & innovative group workouts, so you don't have to. Enjoy a weekly supply of brand new and original workout ideas that will keep your clients glued to your bootcamp and referring friends. 

Take a look at some of our other features


Huge Database - Over 1600 Creative Ideas

Access 1600 fun, creative & challenging group fitness ideas. These powerful ideas will save you a lot of time, and let you build a wide variety of different workout types. 


Done For You

After those long busy days when your brain feels like mush, and you can't even think about a workout. You'll have my proven done for you. They've saved my sanity more times than I can remember, and they will you too. 


Save, Print And Offer Feedback.

  • Save your favourite drills, so you can repeat proven winners.
  • Print your workouts and take them to your sessions.
  • Comment on any workout, ask questions and offer feedback,


WDC Super Vault

The vault contains various masterpieces, very secretive workout resources & video training designed to position you & your business as uniquely different from your competitors. The vault alone is worth more than the cost of your monthly membership. 


The Complete 

Group Boxing System

You'll learn an entirely new skill set that will help you stand out in your local community, and add a new level of excitement to your workouts.


Free Workout Releases

As a member, each time I release a new workout manual, you'll get it for free. This is a saving of around $250 per year and keeps you up to date with the very best workouts. 


Access From 

Almost Any Device

You can access the Workout Design Club from almost any device 24/7, meaning you'll have access to great ideas on demand.

Perfect For Small And Large Groups, 

Indoors And Outdoor

What Group Trainers Are Saying About

The Workout Design Club?

74 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you

"The WDC has played a vital part in the growth of my group fitness business & your creative workouts are making me very popular. 74 On my books now and it’s all thanks to you."

Paul Davis  // Military Fitness, UK

My clients are starting to bring referrals to class

"Ever since I have started incorporating your workouts, my bootcamp has been lifted to the next level! My clients are starting to bring referrals to class and they are loving it!"

Laura Detmar  // I am beautiful bootcamp, San Diego, California

My members have doubled

“Since using Leon's unique bootcamp ideas, my members have doubled and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!”

Alison Marron  // B-FIT Bootcamp, UK

Allowed me to claim back some crucial family time

"The WDC has been amazing! Great, creative and fun workouts - a life saver really. It has allowed me to claim back some crucial family time."

Tina Fritsch // Fit by Design, US

They Love My Workouts

"I have recruited 7 more clients this month because of word of mouth... THEY LOVE MY WORKOUTS!! Totally saved my business....Hey...That's an additional $1400 per month".

Norma Zitterkopf  // Argyle Adventure Bootcamp, Texas

I just did 4 session plans in 10 mins while..

Best thing I've ever signed up for. I just did 4 session plans in 10 mins while I was sitting waiting for clients.”

Bec Hayes // Ambitionz Bootcamp – Aus

Helped take my bootcamp onto another level

"Leon, I just wanted to post to firstly say thank you for all your hard work over the last 12 months. Your service, products and bootcamp ideas have helped take my bootcamp onto another level this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Every month I am amazed at what new, and wonderful things are posted in the member section."

Craig Brown // Denny Bootcamp - Dunfermline Scotland

This is going to save me so much time

"This is going to save me so much time, My programs are going to be based on your creative workout concepts, thanks."

Steven Butler // Barefit Bootcamp - UK

Best Business Decision I have ever made

"Hi Leon. I just signed up for the Workout Design Club which is probably the best business decision I have ever made."

Carly Robinson  // Fit Your Need Bootcamp - New Zealand

I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas

"I run a bootcamp called 'Fit for Life' and can't tell you how much I owe my success to using these brilliant ideas. My clientele has doubled 'mainly through word of mouth' since using them. Thanks Leon"

Dimple Sopher // Fit for Life UK

30 Hours a month planning down to 3

"The WDC is amazing. Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 Hours a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session".

Vito Marcinkevicius  // Weights for Soul Bootcamp - UK

Freshen Up Your Group Training Programme Today With Over 1600 World-Class Bootcamp Ideas Designed To Save You Time And Stress

You are invited to try the Workout Design Club so you can see for yourself how much time & stress this will save you. It practically pays for itself. Membership is just $19.99/USD (less than $5 per week), and you can cancel anytime.  

Join over 3000 group trainers who are using these creative ideas to stand out, save time and have more fun doing what they love. 


Cancel anytime




  • Weekly updates
  • 1600+ Creative ideas
  • Group search engine
  • Titan exercise library
  • Video training hub

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  • Lifetime access
  • Weekly updates
  • 1600+ Creative ideas
  • Group search engine
  • Titan exercise library
  • Video training hub
  • Free product releases
  • 10 Marketing plans & free marketing releases

To your continued success.

Leon Melnicenko
Founder of ​UBW, WDC & Train The Trainer

ABOUT: "After leaving the British Royal Marines in 2013, I used my qualifications as a PT & group trainer to open my first outdoor bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training). My unique approach of designing effective workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun allowed me to grow Sound Fitness to over 120 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth. After 4 years conducting over 1700 group sessions, I sold my business to concentrate on the Workout Design Club. I now spend my time keeping fitness trainers in shape (Train The Trainer), and designing fun group workout ideas (and resources) for group trainers".

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