Welcome to this years Black Friday Sale 2022

This year I've teamed up with industry expert Georgette Pan to bring you some fantastic deals on our best-selling products and workout bundles, plus an incredible 96% OFF on the whole enchilada that can be found at the bottom of this page. 

These fun workout ideas are group trainers who love keeping their classes fresh and fun, but don't always have the time to keep coming up with new ideas.

If that's you, then grab yourself a bargain.  


The Sure Victory Series 


With over 40,000 copies sold world-wide, this absolute powerhouse not only contains 803 fun and result-focused group training workouts, but you'll be learning from 40 world class trainers who collaborated to make it happen.


The Bootcamp Periodization System


The all-new Bootcamp Periodization System gives you a FULL YEAR of done-for-you bootcamp programs! You get 4x 12-week programs (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), with each season focusing on a different goal.

These are carefully planned, scientifically-backed periodization programs that are designed to create stunning results for your clients. 


Creative Circuit Training


One of the greatest assets you can have in your trainer toolbox is variety, because without it, you'll eventually get bored, and so will your clients. That's why I created the ultimate circuit training collection, a massive collection of over 200 creative circuits that will keep your workouts fun and interesting.


Innovative Group Training Series


Inside this series, you’ll get 99 workouts designed to break the monotony of regular exercise. These workouts put the FUN back in fitness, so your clients work hard, show up for every session, and get great results! These workouts are broken into three categories. You get: 


Creative Bootcamp Ideas


Imagine if you didn't have to spend the best part of your week, thinking, planning and searching for workouts. What would you do with all that extra time?

This incredible bundle gives you a simple, proven plan for whipping up consistently amazing workouts, without wasting much time, or stressing out. Plan with over 300 creative and result-focused drills. 


Complete Systems


88 Done For You HIIT Workouts

Whether you’re brand new to HIIT or you’ve been using it to train your clients for some time now, there is something in this manual for everyone. This is a group-training program that utilizes HIIT programming as the fat loss, strength and performance piece of a full group-training program. 

The program will be a 2-3 day per week program to add to your current offerings. This manual gives you everything you need to start training clients ASAP! 

Metabolic Madness Rebrandable 

Metabolic Madness is a Rebrandable Group Training Programme that gives you the exact blueprint that fitness expert Fred Zoller uses to run and sell his wildly popular HIIT Academy programme.

He'll show you how to integrate this programme into your existing business model to achieve maximum profits! 

Transformation Bootcamp System

In this training, you'll learn how to run (wildly profitable) fitness challenges that attract floods of new clients. 

We'll give you the challenges, along with access to our done for you marketing system, so you can hit the ground running. 

Home Programme Design Mastery

You'll learn...

  • How to write home workout programmes to boost your income. 
  • How to set up virtual training classes with no experience.
  • 130 Fun and result focused exercises. 
  • A done for you 8-week program that you can sell and keep all the profits. 

Ninja Card System 

Free access to my wildly popular Ninja Card System, a 12 module video training course worth $197.

In this unique training course, you'll learns 12 fun and effective workout formats based around a deck of cards. 

With each format, you can create hundreds of different workouts by adding your favourite exercises. 


Unique Bootcamp Workouts 2.0


161 Creative Group Ideas - Mix And Match System

UBW 2.0 is loaded with fantastic group training ideas. I designed it as a mix and match system that lets any group trainer plan fun and result focused workouts, lightening fast. 


Online Fitness Challenges


Fun 30 day fitness challenges are a fantastic way to keep your clients entertained and engaged away from your classes. This incredible mega bundle gives you an entire years worth challenges,. 


Bootcamp Games Collection


When was the last time you put your clients through some serious fun drills? If you honestly can't remember, then here are 160 of my best teams games, so YOU to plan more enjoyable workouts

These games have been specially designed to increase motivation, performance and improve team cohesion. They are also result-focused and very challenging, so your clients get the most from the time. 

Each game is 100% original, and there are 160 in total. (Value $297)


Kick-Ass Song Finishers Collection


Song finishers have the power to transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly. When you nail the fun part of your session with good vibe energisers, you give your clients something to rave about.

You get 52 song finishers using a wide range of fun and upbeat songs, plus 52 (fill in the blanks) song templates, so you can create hundreds of unique drills by slotting in different exercises. 

    Or You Can Purchase the Whole Enchilada

    (All 10 Bundles) For Just $3107 $197!

    Thats A Whopping 96% Discount

    Love this bundle: Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 hours a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session".

    Vito Marcinkevicius 

    Weights & Soul Bootcamp UK 

    "My clients are loving these workouts. How you have managed to come up with so many different formats is beyond me. All I can say is WOW! I have never seen anything like it in all my years of training".

    Kari Merrill

    Head Trainer, Western Racket, USA

    Take You Classes To A New Level Of Fun, For Just...

    ALL 10 BUNDLES $3107 $197 

    (only $1.61 per product) 

    Limited Time Bonus 1:

    Value $197

    Transform your private Facebook group into a thriving, engaging and flourishing online community without breaking a sweat. 

    500 Days of awesome Facebook content launches in the new year for $197.

    However, when you purchase all 10 bundles for just $197 (before the timer hits zero), we'll add it to your download folder immediately, free of charge. 

    Whats included?

    Social Media Content Course

    How often do you feel stumped on what to post in your public and private Facebook groups? All the time, right? 

    In this expert course, I'm going to show you precisely what you should be posting in your 

    public and private groups so you can attract new customers, and keep your current clients

    super engaged.  

    I have laid out a simple step by step plan that is easy to follow, and more importantly, time 


    It all starts with engaging content ideas. 

    52 Fun Workout Challenges

    When it comes to posting workouts, you'll get the most engagement from posting quick, fun and manageable drills.  

    I have created 52 bite-sized challenges (one for each week), that will inspire your members

    to get involved and complete them as a team.

    Each workout is 100% unique.

    Each design is a different colour.  

    Each graphic is customisable. 

    52 Amazing Conversation Starters 

    Most Facebook groups die a slow death due to a lack of communication between members. 

    Conversation starters allow members to share ideas, ask questions and interact. 

    I have selected 50 of the very best that will add a new lease of life to your Facebook group. 

    And all they take is 2-seconds to post.  

    30 Finish The Sentence

    This type of content is brilliant for creating   

    engagement because it's easy to respond to.

    Plus, the answers are usually quite funny, so you’ve got the comedy value too.

    Create a Facebook post and choose a theme (like the one on the left), then copy and
    paste a sentence starter.

    Sit back and enjoy the engagement.

    30 Riddles

    Reading between the lines, thinking about context, and comprehending layers of meaning are vital skills, and riddles help learners hone these abilities.

    Call it, exercise for the brain

    100 Motivational Quotes

    Motivational quotes provide us with a quick burst of wisdom to get our focus back. 

    I love this type of content because it's quick to consume, yet it can profoundly affect mindset and motivation.

    You get 100 amazing quotes and a special video training where I'll show you how to make images like the one you see.

    52 Fun Nutrition Facts

    Fun nutrition facts are a great way to encourage members to eat more of the things that are good for them.

    They're also good conversation starters because members often share ideas and recipes based on the facts.

    75 Professional Recipe Graphics 

    Last year I hired a graphic designer to create 75 magazine quality recipe graphics I could share with my clients as a quick and easy way to educate them on good nutrition.

    And because the recipes are easy to make, you'll find that most members will join in and also share additional ideas.

    301 Healthy Recipes HD videos

    These are 40-100 second HD videos with background music showing you (step by step) exactly how to make each recipe.

    These high-quality and delicious recipes are perfect for educating your clients on healthy eating, so they get better results from your training programme.

    This resource is incredibly valuable. 

    Limited Time Bonus 2

    VALUE $197

    When you purchase the 10 bundle pack for $97 during our Black Friday sale, we're also going to send you our best-selling course that sells for $197.  

    Bootcamp Business In A Box (10,000+ copies sold)

    Attracting new clients into your bootcamp can be a difficult task.  

    In this expert training course, we'll show you (step by step) how to set up a 6 figure group fitness business, and how to attract a steady stream of qualified leads. You'll also have access to my proven marketing plans, and more. 

    "I've literally purchased just about every bootcamp program out there and while they all add something of value yours is definitely the most complete in terms of how to put a camp together, exercise selection, how to market your camp, forms to use etc. Really good stuff from top to bottom. John Gonzalez T.F. Bootcamps

    Limited Time Bonus 3

    VALUE $997

    Each year we update our mega Black Friday Deal with brand new products. Instead of paying each year (just to get the new stuff), we're including lifetime free updates when you purchase all 10 Bundles.

    That right. On Black Friday each year (for the rest of your life), you'll get all the new stuff, for free. Let's say you're a trainer for the next 10 years (hopefully more), thats already a saving of just under $1000. 

    We are not offering this again, so grab it with both hands and start each new year with lot's of fresh training ideas. 

    Limited Time Bonus 4

    VALUE $297

    Each year I make a small fortune running fun online fitness challenges. You can too.

    In my signature course which is selling right now for $297. I'll show you how to double your yearly income by running fun online fitness challenges. 

    Once you see how easy this is, you'll wish you did it sooner. 

    "115 participants in her first online challenge". 

    Christine Hooper, Backcountry Fitness, USA.

    "250 participants in her first online challenge". 

    Alison Marron, B-Fit, UK

    "57 participants in her first online challenge".

    Kelly Mels, Circuit-Fit, UK

    Why I Created This Course

    With the uncertainty businesses face due to Covid, I wanted a simple way for fitness trainers to utilize their skills and generate income online. You’ll copy my tried and tested 3-step system for launching an unlimited number of different challenges.

    1. Clarity

    2. Create

    3. Market

    4. Repeat



    If, for any reason, you don't like these amazing products, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

    To your continued success..

    Leon Melnicenko & Georgette Pann

    After leaving the British Military, Leon ran a successful UK-based Bootcamp operating in multiple locations in the South of England.

    His unique approach of creating result-focused workouts cleverly disguised as fun allowed Leon to grow his Bootcamp to over 200 members and secure a 4-year corporate team-building gig at world-renowned Wriggly's, the world's largest manufacturer of chewing gum.

    Leon is also the author of over 30 successful Bootcamp manuals and the CEO of Train The Trainer and the Workout Design Club, two online programmes that help trainers with workouts and fitness.

    When he's not creating workout programmes for awesome trainers like you, Leon spends his time adventuring with his family.

    Georgette (a former competitive body-builder)
    is the owner of Nutrifitness Personal Training Studio New York.

    She has 33 years of experience in the fitness industry with vast knowledge in group training, nutrition, bodybuilding and post-rehab.

    She is the author of numerous bestselling programs,
    including Bootcamp Business In A Box, which has sold over 10.000 copies worldwide.

    When she's not running her empire, Georgette loves spending time with her family, tackling word puzzles and getting her steps in with Banjo, her beloved dog.

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