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Discover: How To Add More Variety To Your Group Training Programme With 101 Creative Circuit Training Workouts

The Easy Way To Plan Fun And Result Focused Group Workouts 

Dear trainer

If you love keeping your workouts fresh and fun, this message is for you. 

When I started my bootcamp back in the UK, I quickly discovered that I had a knack for creating result-focused workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun. 

As a result, I was able to grow my business to over 150 members in two locations mainly through word of mouth... and secure a 4-year corporate gig at the world renowned Wrigley's, the largest manufacturer of chewing gum. 

Today I want to give you access to these creative ideas, so you too can run a more popular and in demand group training business. 

How does that sound? 

Who Am I Anyway?

My name is Leon Melnicenko. I'm a British Commando turned group fitness trainer and creator of Circuit Training Secrets. 

I provide group trainers with fun and result focused workout ideas, so they can spend more time promoting their classes and less time thinking about workout ideas.

  • I've conducted over 2000 group fitness classes, including the British Commandos, the UK's elite fighting force.  
  • I ran a successful bootcamp in the UK training over 1500 members.
  • I plan fun weekly workouts for over 3500 group fitness trainers
  • I completed a 6-month tour of Afghanistan with 42 Commando. 
  • I'm passionate about helping group fitness trainers plan better workouts, so they can have more fun doing what they love. 

But I’m not writing you to talk about myself. I want to tell you about...

Circuit Training Secrets Re-loaded

101 Brand new circuit training templates that are outrageously fun, result-focused, time-efficient and challenging for all abilities.

I’ve just put the finishing touches to Circuit Training Secrets which contains the same secrets I've used to earn six figures running wildly popular group fitness classes... the same secrets I use to plan amazing group workouts... everything you need to know to...

  • Attract more clients through word of mouth.
  • Save time and free up headspace.
  • Boost retention and skyrocket referrals.  
  • Keep clients hooked and away from competing services.


Step 1: Pick A Template

Choose from 101 fun and result-focused circuits that use a wide variety of unique training formats, so your workouts are always fun, fresh and engaging. 

Step 2: Add Your Exercises

Each circuit can be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment based or a combination of both, so you can create the absolute perfect workouts for your group.

Step 3: Have More Fun!

Challenging workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun are one of the best ways to stand out from the competition while keeping your clients hooked on your classes. 

  • Mirror Circuit
  • Penalty Notice
  • Fire Dragon Tabata
  • Battleships Pro     
  • Micro Circuit  
  • Renegade Switch      
  • Fortune 500  
  • Fate Of The World    
  • Atomic Circuit
  • Penalty Circuit
  • Circuit Magnificent    
  • Beat The Sequence    
  • Triple Switch Circuit  
  • The Dark Knight
  • Iso 8 Oblivion
  • Beast In The Making
  • Iso Stack Circuit 
  • Bucket List  
  • Destination X Full
  • Body Titan     
  • Incredible Crush
  • Three In A Row
  • Triple Intervals
  • Mega Sets
  • Split Flip Advantage
  • Nightmare Circuit
  • The Sizzle Circuit
  • Joker Deluxe 
  • Split Test Commander
  • Invisible 'N' Circuit
  • Triple Switch Circuit
  • Circuit Sally
  • Ballot Box Circuit     
  • Endurance Pro
  • EMOM Speed Circuit
  • Tabata G Force
  • Order of Chaos
  • Doubles And Doubles
  • Match Up Super Blitz
  • Heavy Abs (Class 1)
  • Legends Never Die
  • HIIT Exchange
  • Chaos Drill 2000
  • Millionaire Tools?
  • 4 Course Blitz
  • Split Warrior
  • Speedway Circuit
  • Blended AMRAP
  • Mighty Accumulator
  • Hell Bender Circuit
  • Switch Out Hero
  • Dark!
  • Snowman Hunter
  • Turbo Circuit
  • Immunity Pin
  • Jog On Warrior
  • All The Aces
  • Super-Size Tabata
  • HIT Speed Dial
  • HIIT The Switch
  • Linear Beat Down
  • HIIT Ratio
  • Beast Masters +
  • Giant Smash Circuit
  • Twin Dragons
  • Gears of War
  • Triple Boom Circuit
  • Flipping Annoying
  • Token Circuit
  • Final Destination
  • Super Devil
  • Fartlek Frenzy
  • Target Practice Pro
  • Do As I Say Not As I do
  • Circuit Grow
  • Savage Circuit
  • Jelly Fire
  • Curiosity Killed The Cat
  • Mighty Combo
  • Psycho Circuit
  • Switch Circuit
  • Double Whopper
  • HIIT Squared
  • Gold Rush
  • Iron Square
  • Forfeit Accumulator
  • Work Horse
  • Ultimate Cardio
  • Ultimate Sizzle
  • Impossible Odds
  • Flip Duel
  • Even The Odds
  • Double Bubble
  • Interval Gauntlet
  • Olympic Games
  • Olympic Relay Circuit 
  • The Big Little Circuit
  • Rocket Rounds
  • Switch Hero 

Here's A Small Taste of What You'll Discover Inside Circuit Training Secrets Reloaded

  • The infamous 4-course blitz circuit, an ingenious way to plan strength based circuits.   
  • The golden goose, a gamified HIIT circuit based around brain training.  
  • The wildly popular snowman hunter, an innovative team circuit with a fun twist.
  • Circuit Sally, a fantastic way to integrate 'HIGH ENERGY' song finishers into any circuit.
  • Rocket rounds, the ultimate full-body circuit with a cheeky twist.
  • Heavy abs, a simple format for creating hundreds of 'result focused' core workouts.
  • Doubles and doubles, a wickedly effective team circuit using the power of dice.  
  • Mega build. Your clients are the hero as they help build the ultimate circuit.
  • Reverse Spelling Bee, a fun team based circuit with a devilish twist (it's pure genius).
  • Who wants to be a millionaire? Based on the popular TV series, this is one of the most entertaining/challenging circuits you will ever put your clients through. 

And much more....

Circuit Training Secrets is designed to save you hours of time and effort by providing you with fun and result-focused circuits that can be switched up in hundreds of ways by slotting in your preferred exercises. 

The complete series contains over 100 unique circuit training templates - with more on the way.  I’ve already opened the complete series to a handful of trainers, and..

The responses have been phenomenal

sgt sally / Group Trainer UK

I run a very popular bootcamp and my classes are always booked solid. Your workout concepts and ideas are really fantastic and have been very inspirational to me. There is no way I would have delivered such popular bootcamps without your influence. Team circuit secrets is mind boggling to say the least. The variety is of the chart. It's crazy.  

Kari merrill / Group Trainer US

My clients are loving these circuits. How you have managed to come up with so many different formats is beyond me. All I can say is WOW! I have never seen anything like it in all my years of training. Thanks. 

Paul Davis // Group Trainer UK

Who knew that circuit training could be this much fun and high energy.  I love that each circuit is different and that I can plug in my own exercises to make it my own. I'm getting some really great feedback from my clients. It's nice to see them having fun. 

Circuit Training Secrets Is Perfect For...

Outdoor and indoor group trainers who have room to move around.


To celebrate the launch of Circuit Training Secrets Re-loaded, we're offering an 50% discount on our starter, pro and elite pack. Deal ends midnight Sunday EST!

Think about it.

Let's say your time is worth $40/hour. If you spend just 1-hour searching the internet for random drills, the Elite pack you see below will have paid for itself, and you'll never be stuck for great ideas again.  

To grab this amazing deal, choose an option below and start planning more exciting workouts todays.

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  • Bonus 1: Magnetic Warm Up Games Volume 1  
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  • Bonus 3: Kick-Ass Ninja Dice Workouts 
  • Bonus 4: Kick-Ass Ninja Card Workouts 
  • Bonus 5: Kick-Ass Ninja Coin Challenges
  • Bonus 6: Kick-Ass PRS Champion
  • Bonus 7: Bootcamp Olympics
  • Bonus 8: E3MOM  

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When you purchase circuit training secrets, I'm also going to throw in six of my best selling manuals that sell for a combined $240 in my online store. Thats an extra 150 creative drills.

This incredible bonus pack turns Circuit Training Secrets into a fully fledged workout builder, so you can plan fun and effective group workouts in less than 5-minutes, like this...

1. Fun warm-up

2. Fun circuit 

3. Fun finisher 

With over 1-million unique combinations, you'll never be stuck for an awesome workout ever again. 

Magnetic Warm Up Games Volume 1 & 2

How often do you switch up your warm-up to keep things fun, fresh and varied? If the answers not very often, then it's time to add these incredible skills to your trainer toolbox. 

Imagine having the power to nail the start of every class in a fun, challenging and entertaining way, so your clients NEVER EVER get bored and leave. 

  • 42 Fun and result-focused warm-up games that will start your sessions with a bang.
  • Template based, so you can create hundreds of different variations by slotting in your own exercises. 
  • Easy to explain, extremely varied, team focused and lots of fun


A unique set of 18 innovative HIIT formats that lets you craft outrageously fun strength training workouts.

Bootcamp Olympics

Bring the Olympics to your bootcamp with 12 creative team building workouts. You can use these fun challenges throughout the year to increase motivation, performance and team cohesion.  

The Entire Kick-Ass Finishers Collection

How you leave your clients feeling at the end of your workout is so important, and is often the deciding factor on whether they'll return, refer friends and speak good things about your business. 

The kick-ass collection will not only help you to convert more newbies into paying clients because your classes are more enjoyable, but they'll help you to stand out as a better trainer. 

  • 84 Fun and result-focused challenges that will leave your clients happy, fulfilled and satisfied at the end of each class. 
  • Template based, so you can create hundreds of different variations by slotting in your own exercises. 
  • Easy to explain, extremely varied, challenging and lots of fun


  • In A Pickle 
  • Play To Win
  • Impossible Odds
  • Quick Builder
  • Come Roll With Me
  • Alphabet Friend  
  • Cardio Wars   
  • Partner Frazzle          
  • Top Draw       
  • Number Hunter  
  • Reaper Collects  
  • HIIT Flip
  • Advantage
  • Double Bubble
  • Shaolin Casino
  • Pluck Accumulate
  • Deck Rally
  • Match Maker
  • Devil Games
  • Red Herring
  • Shadow Fighter
  • Super Crush  
  • Judge Dredd
  • The Funky Drill
  • Cardio Advantage
  • Winners’ Cup
  • Shuttle Wars
  • Funk General
  • Penalty Notice
  • Trading Places
  • Money Shark
  • Cardio Wars   
  • 4 Strike Rule
  • Perfect Rotation
  • Self-Made Titan
  • Strength Vs Cardio
  • Race Day
  • All The Ducks
  • The Quest For Zero
  • Collectables
  • Role Reversal
  • Remember Me?
  • Penalty Notice
  • Grim Reaper
  • How To Kill A Zombie
  • Number Buster
  • HIIT Reaper
  • Death By Burpees
  • Rockin Robot
  • HIIT Association
  • Fortune 500
  • Speed Rounds
  • Sly Builder
  • Money Shark
  • Play To Win    
  • Ninja Discipline
  • Top Gun
  • Lucky 13
  • Switch Fest
  • Ultimate Prs
  • Destiny Of Souls
  • Level Boom
  • Rat Race Advantage
  • Hero Status    
  • Card Killers (Home)
  • Card Killers (Class)
  • Deck Me Accumulator
  • 50/50 Hero
  • Mountain Boss
  • 1/3 Chance Saloon
  • HIIT Smash Almighty
  • Jekyll And Hyde
  • 52 Card Pick Up
  • Dark Knight
  • Battle Monsters
  • Big Fat Burner Relay
  • HIIT The Joker
  • Hero Strike
  • Jokers Duel    
  • Joker Deluxe
  • Suits The Stacker
  • Power Rangers
  • Celebrity Unlocked
  • HIIT Randomizer
  • Card Thunder
  • Countdown Killer
  • Against All Odds
  • Perfect Rotation
  • HIIT Sizzle
  • Speed Rounds
  • Angry Beaver
  • Party Shrink
  • Devil Connect
  • Angry Beaver
  • Shaolin Casino
  • Flip Duel
  • Solo Survivor
  • Fire Flipper
  • Champion 200 Pro
  • Flippers Fate
  • Even The Odds
  • Escape Rounds
  • Graduation Party
  • Cardio Junkie
  • Pays To Be A Winne
  • The Hunted
  • Devils Pit
  • Respawn Hero’s
  • Complete Soldier
  • The Quest for Zero
  • Grand Master
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Bet Wizard
  • The Minotaur 
  • Double Bubble
  • Total Wipeout
  • Interval Gauntlet
  • HIIT Link
  • HIIT Doubles
  • Roll Me
  • Static Roller
  • HIIT Saviour
  • Trading Places
  • Money Shark
  • Cardio Wars
  • The Hunted

And much more...

Why I Created Circuit Training Secrets Reloaded

From left to right. Alba, Sophie, Leon, Lili.

What would you rather do? Waste countless hours each week searching the internet for random drills (and getting stressed out in the process), or use that time more productively, like...

Spending more quality time with your family and friends. Learning a new skill. Getting YOUR workout in. Promoting your business etc. 

When you don't have to spend a huge chunk of your time thinking, planning and searching workouts, you can achieve so much more.

And that is why I created Circuit Training Secrets Reloaded. 

I use these same templates to create stunning workouts quickly and easy for my own clients, and in the time it saves me, I get to spend more time 

with those crazy cats in the picture. 

Do yourself a massive favour and grab this special offer before it ends. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. 

To your success. 

Leon, Sophie, Alba and Lili. 

P.S You can reach out to me anytime by the chatbox below or via email at 


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Upon purchase you will be redirected to a download page for instant access. You will have lifetime access to this page and we'll also email you the link. 

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I Have A Question Before I Purchase

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Circuit Secrets "Pays For Itself" Guarantee

Circuit Secrets promises to save you hundreds of hours in planning over the space of your career, paying for its self many time over. HoweverIf, for any reason, you don't like these amazing templates, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.