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Hi, I'm Leon, a Royal Marine Commando turned fitness trainer. 

Let's be honest, your clients ultimately want one thing. Great Results! And if they don't get them, they're less likely to stay, refer friends and rave about your business. For that reason, I created E3MOM!

"E3MOM is a fun and innovative series of unique HIIT formulas that helps fitness trainers design incredibly effective session plans in minutes. Each formula builds 1000's of powerful HIIT Workouts that can be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment-based or a mixture of both".

"E3MOM is the ultimate in so many ways"

" I truly love E3MOM! There is so much variety and many possibilities for creating strength training workouts, HIIT challenges, cardio based drills and more. I have always loved the EMOM format and E3MOM is the ultimate in so many ways. Better still, they are programmed to challenge all ability levels. Thank you Leon for continuing to create workouts that can be utilised by just about anyone, whether in a group setting, 1-1 PT or for my own workout routines".

Kim Carnes  // Balance Boot Camp - USA

"They Are Fun, Creative, And A Huge Time Saver"

They are first class

"just started to look through all your different EMOM workout templates - they are first class!! For those on the fence - there are more ideas in there then I could ever use, and they are fun and creative, and a huge timesaver!

Tina Fritsch  // Fit By Design - Toronto

Everyone was laughing by the end

Hi Leon, I did the EMOM Partner accumulated tonight with my boot camp. Everyone looked so scared to begin with, but it was really good! Being in partners meant that they didn’t want to let each other down so they worked hard and consistently until the end, also having a target to reach and not wanting to be the last ones to complete it, meant they pushed themselves harder than usual!!  They really encouraged each other too, it was great, everyone was laughing by the end! Thanks so much

Carlene Nixon  // Get-Lene Fitness Academy

It's jam-packed with great ideas

"Mate I got up an hour early to look at E3MOM. Overall that’s excellent. It's jam packed with great ideas. I like Skyscraper the best. Overall, E3MOM Is very well written, explained well and contains lots of variety. To be honest, I can’t find a fault in it.

Sean T McCrory // Rebel Fit, AUS

It's jam-packed with great ideas

"I used 3EMOM the other day on my Sunday boot campers! It quickly caught up to them. I actually used the sample work out because it suited the rest of the workout I had planned. Absolutely love E3MOM! EMOM XXX  is on the agenda for tonight".

Fiona Tanner // Real Results, AUS

What Makes E3MOM So Different?

  • Variety
    Each format (18 in total) is unique, creative, and 100% original, so your sessions stand out and get people talking.
  • Flexible Template Design
    There are so many possibilities for creating strength training workouts, HIIT challenges, cardio based drills and more. 
  • Programmed to challenge all ability levels
    Each format is scalable, so players can monitor their progress from week to week and achieve new goals.
  • Fun, Team Work, Camaraderie 
    E3MOM brings with it a unique approach to designing effective HIIT inspired workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun. This is the secret to high retention and more referrals. 
  • Design  AlmostAny Type Of Workout
    Create stunningly effective workouts for indoor or outdoor group training (large or small). 1-1 Personal training, or even your own workout routines.  
  • Build Different Length Workouts
    E3MOM gives you to power to whip up quick and effective finishers, or full length workouts that get brilliant results.
  • Learn A New Skill Set
    Learn an exciting new skill set not taught anywhere else. You'll learn to how to craft workouts that get your clients real results.

18 Powerful HIIT Formats, 

Thousands Of Creative Workout Ideas  


Format 1: E3MOM

E3MOM is a triple superset HIIT format (complete with templates) that lets trainers design a wide range of different workout challenges. Quickly create full-body strength workouts, cardio conditioning circuits, endurance style drills and more. There’s almost nothing you can’t create.


Format 2: Partner E3MOM Accumulator 

Partner EMOM Accumulator is a gamified EMOM template that promotes teamwork & builds camaraderie. This powerful workout type (cleverly disguised as fun) will bring a new level of enjoyment to your classes.


Format 3: E3MOM Type 2

E2MOM type 2 is an endurance-based tri- superset format. In this workout type, players are awarded rest periods based on their performance. You can expect (at least) a 30% increase in overall effort from each participant guaranteed. Create 100’s of unique workouts.


Format 4: E3MOM Overload

EMOM Overload is a strength/endurance-based fitness test that move’s participants through a series of micro challenges that slowly build in intensity. There are 100’s of way to play. Choose one.


Format 5: Target EMOM 

Target EMOM is a tough (gamified) HIIT workout designed to push your clients out of their comfort zone in a fun and encouraging way. Those who go above and beyond the call of duty will likely win the day. Design countless full-body strength workouts, or work on one area at a time (I.e. core). There are so many ideas using this exciting format.


Format 6: EMOM Discovery 

EMOM discovery combines muscular endurance (using the AMRAP protocol) with high-intensity interval training (using the EMOM protocol). When participants enter the EMOM phase, they’ll be tired and forced to dig deep. This format is excellent for developing mental toughness and resilience in preparation for future challenges. The variations to this format are endless.


Format 7: E3MOM SAM

EMOM SAM (skip a minute) gives participants more recovery time (in comparison to a standard EMOM), so they can hit each new segment with maximum effort. A total of 18 work points are available for each player if they can dig deep and beat the rounds. EMOM SAM comes complete with the gamified version. Over 100 challenges can be correctly programmed using this persuasive format.


Format 8: EMOM Skyscraper

EMOM Skyscraper Is a fun cardio conditioning circuit that helps participants reach their ultimate potential. With seven pre-programmed activities, and 100’s of exercise placements, you’re only limited by your imagination.


Format 9: EMOM Drop Sets

EMOM drops sets (pass or fail) is a race against the clock to the final set. It’s fast-paced, loads of fun and filled with suspense and uncertainty. One format, 100’s of possibilities.


Format 10: E3MOM XXX

EMOM XXX is a triple intensity circuit that can be programmed in over 20 different ways with 100’s different variations. EMOM XXX will bring out your creative side guaranteed.


Format 11: EMOM Max

EMOM Max is an (ultra-flexible) endurance-based fitness test that challenges participants to tip the scales in their favour and triumph. You can build almost any type of workout using the formula. I have also included EMOM Max type 2, which is the point-based and gamified version.


Format 12: EMOM Serge

EMOM serge (aka the battle test) is a gamified finisher drill that can be programmed several different ways. Players are encouraged to exceed their recommended rep target and move up the leader board. It’s one of my favourites.


Format 13: EMOM Catch Accumulator 

EMOM catch accumulator is a fun and innovative way to programme supersets and compound sets for maximum results. The harder you work, the shorter the workout. It’s the perfect incentive for encouraging your clients to push the pace and work hard.


Format 14: EMOM Nitro

EMOM Nitro is a cardio conditioning/muscular endurance workout that helps participants improve their running, strength & endurance. It’s also an excellent activity for cultivating mental toughness and determination. Create 100’s of variations in seconds.


Format 15: EMOM Flex

EMOM flex is a fun fitness challenge that allows participants to monitor their performance in real time. This format/method (ethically forces) your clients to work at their full potential, especially I the later rounds as they get tired.


Format 16: EMOM Reset

EMOM reset is an ingenious accumulator format that fuses HIIT with endurance. Design a wide range of wickedly effective workouts that you can programme in hundreds of ways.


Format 17: EMOM Squared

EMOM Squared (aka the gauntlet) is a versatile training format that helps trainers programme cardio/strength/endurance based workout with complete mastery.


Format 18: EMOM Switch

EMOM switch gives you the perfect formula for creating competitive partner challenges that will supercharge session instantly.

"Section 2 - Lightening Fast Workout Design

EMOM CrossFit workouts

Builder Drills

Builder drills is a series of mini/innovative workout challenges that helps trainers pack more fun and variety into their session. When combined with E3MOM the possibilities are endless. 

  • 50 High intensity/innovative drills that let you build quick and effective finishers, or full-length workouts in seconds.
  • Flexible design: Plug in your own exercises (bodyweight, equipment based, or a both) and creative 1000's of fun designs.
  • Switch out my exercises for your own (bodyweight, equipment based, or a both) and design your own creative drills.  
  • Multi-Function: Design incredibly effective workouts for groups, 1-1 pt, or your own workout routines.  
EMOM workouts high intensity interval training

Ninja Workout Templates

We know how time consuming and mentally draining it is coming up with new workout ideas all the time. So we created The Ninja Workout Template Play Book that makes it easy.

  • 21 Creative workout templates with over 1000 possible workouts per template. Whip up fun & fantastic workouts in seconds.
  • Build any length of workout, meaning you can create hardcore finishers or full length workouts in a flash. 
  • 21 Creative finishers, so you can end every session on a high.   
  • Multi-Function: Design incredibly effective workouts for groups, 1-1 pt, or your own workout routines.  

HIIT Blitz Finisher Templates 

Finishing each workout with something fun is the best way to keep clients coming back and raving about your classes. With these extremely unique and creative templates, just slot in your own exercises (bodyweight, equipment based or a mixture) and you're good to go. 

  • 21 Creative workout templates with over 1000 possible workouts per template. Design powerful finishers in just seconds. 
  • Build any length of workout, meaning you can create hardcore finishers or full length workouts in a flash. 
  • Multi-Function: Design incredibly effective workouts for groups, 1-1 pt, or your own workout routines.  
  • Choose from a wide variety of different training methods, so you can keep things fresh, fun and exciting.  

Order E3MOM Now While It’s

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Think how good it will feel when you're finally able to get your clients better results. After reading E3MOM you'll have learned lots of invaluable skills and training concepts not taught anywhere else. Never again will you struggle to design fun and effective workouts for your clients.

You are invited to try E3MOM (100% risk-free), so you can see for yourself how powerful these workout formats are. E3MOM is just $59.99 (USD) and in the time it save you, it pays for itself 100x over. You'll see. 

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1. 18 E3MOM formats with over 1000 possible workouts (value $97)

2.  Bonus 1: 50 Builder drills, so you can programme like a boss (value $47))

3.  Bonus 2: 21 Ninja warrior templates that will inject fun and creativity into any workout (value $47)

4.  Bonus 3: 21 HIIT Blitz finisher templates to end every session on a high (value $47)

Total: $237. Todays price $59.99 

"I love the different tweaks on this popular format"

Just when I thought I had exploded all the different ways to play around with EMOM programming, Leon does it again. I love the different tweaks on this popular format, especially adding the different challenges and partner work. 

Kerri Merrill  // Director and PT at Western Racquet and Fitness Club

Years of study into creative workout design 

can be yours in an instant

ONLY $29


E3MOM is proudly backed by our risk free 30 day money back guarantee. We think you will absolutely love these creative drills, but if for any reason you don't, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

To your continued success.
Leon Melnicenko
Founder: UBW, WDC, Train The Trainer

ABOUT: "After leaving the British Royal Marines in 2013, I used my qualifications as a PT & group trainer to open my first outdoor bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training). My unique approach of designing effective workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun allowed me to grow Sound Fitness to over 120 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth. After 4 years conducting over 1700 group sessions, I sold my business to concentrate on the Workout Design Club. I now spend my time keeping fitness trainers in shape (Train The Trainer), and designing fun group workout ideas (and resources) for group trainers".

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