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Hi, I'm Georgette owner & founder of NutriFitness LLC

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Bootcamp Career Bundle. 

In June 2020 I launched the Bootcamp Career Bundle with fitness expert Leon Melnicenko to celebrate 30 years working in the fitness industry. It was a huge success and the feedback was incredible.

Each year we re-launch the bundle by adding even more amazing content, so you can plan better workouts for your clients, without wasting much time or stressing out. 

These are the same workouts that we use to launch and run multiple 7-figure Bootcamps, and today you can get over 30 years of expert programming for next to nothing in comparison to the thousands of hours we have spent creating workouts. 

"The Bootcamp Career Bundle 2022 edition is a collection of fun and result-focused group training manuals that will help you to plan better workouts for your clients. They are responsible for 100's of incredible client testimonials which have played a vital part in growing multiple 6 figure fitness businesses. 

The Bootcamp Career Bundle 2022 Edition

The Sure Victory Series 

640 Results Focused Drills

With over 40,000 copies sold word-wide, this absolute powerhouse not only contains 640 fun and effective group training workouts, but you'll be learning from 40 world class trainers who collaborated to make it happen.

Sure Victory K-Bells

163 Results Focused Drills

The best way to deliver fantastic results to your clients is by putting them through the workouts they need the most. Whether your clients want to burn fat, improve their conditioning, gain strength, build muscle or boost endurance, the Sure victory Kettle-bell series will show you how. 

Pin & Mix Bundle

163 Results Focused Drills

Learn some of our best drills around using minimum equipment (one cone drills), partner workouts, themed workouts and resistance band training. These fun drills have been designed to add a new level excitement to your group fitness programme, and make it easier to create result-focused workouts.

The Bootcamp Periodization System

A FULL YEAR Of Done For You Periodization Programs!

The all new Bootcamp Periodization System gives you a FULL YEAR of done-for-you bootcamp programs! You’ll get four 12-week programs (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), with each season focusing on a different goal. These are carefully planned, scientifically backed periodization programs that are designed to create stunning results for your clients. 

The Transformation Bootcamp System

A Done For You Marketing And Workout Programming System

The Bootcamp Transformation System is a proven blueprint for running 4, 6 and 8 week challenges that attract floods of new clients using our done for you marketing system. You'll also get the same workout programmes we use to get our clients fantastic results. 

Beach Body Bootcamp Programme - 12 Workouts

Discover our top 12 favourite bodyweight workouts that will save you a lot of time, and give you the power to whip up incredibly fun sessions fast.

Crazy Closers - 52 Workouts

Workout finishers or closers are designed to complement and enhance your main strength training program for better overall results. You'll get 52 Metabolic finishers that you can rotate through to last you a lifetime. 

Kick-Ass Song Finishers Collection

Tap Into The Power Of Music And Take Your Workouts To The next Level

Song finishers have the power to transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly. When you nail the fun part of your session with good vibe energisers, you give your clients something to rave about. You get 52 song finishers using a wide selection of fun and upbeat songs, plus 52 (fill in the blanks) templates, so you can build your own fun song finishers by slotting your own unique exercises.

E3MOM - 16 Templates

"E3MOM is a fun and innovative series of unique HIIT formulas that helps fitness trainers design incredibly effective session plans in minutes. Each formula builds 1000's of powerful HIIT Workouts that can be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment-based or a mixture of both".

"I truly love E3MOM! There is so much variety and many possibilities for creating strength training workouts, HIIT challenges, cardio-based drills and more".

Kim Carnes owner of Balance Bootcamp USA 

Unique Group Fitness Ideas

Unique group fitness ideas is a collection of fun workout challenges designed to take care of the main part of your session. Mix and match to your hearts content to create full length workouts in minutes.

1 Cone Workouts - 12 Workouts

A while back I ran a competition (14 Trainers entered) for the most innovative workout using a single cone and nothing else. You will be amazed at what we created. On those days when you don't feel like lugging your equipment around, these creative bodyweight workouts are perfect. 

Unique Bootcamp Workouts 2.0

161 Creative Drills - Mix And Match System

This is the very first product I created for group trainers (it sells for $97). These are the same ideas that took my bootcamp from 0-100+ members in a very short space of time, and helped to position my business as the place to go for a fun and effective workout. 

Partner Cheat Sheet - 10 Workouts

Fun partner drills are a great way to promote client bonding. You’ll get 10 powerful workout formats that you can change up by adding in your own exercises. This gives you 100's of possible workouts for endless fun. 

Group Boxing System - 50 Workouts

Boxing has to be one of the best ways to de-stress & blow off steam. Adding a boxing element to your workouts not only gives your clients the variety they crave, but they’re also learning a new skill & how to defend themselves in a fun and exciting way. Sean’s complete boxing system is jam packed with great ideas that can be mixed and matched to create 100's of memorable workouts I think your clients will love.

Sean T McCrory - Rebel Fitness - Aus 

Online Fitness Challenges Mega Bundle

12 Done For You 30 Day Online Fitness Challenges

Promoting free online fitness challenges are a fantastic way to attract new clients. My clients are using these challenges to grow their bootcamp, PT and online classes. You can too. Each challenge is uniquely fun & different with it's own funky twist. Value: $197

Bootcamp ideas

Ninja Workout Playbook - 21 Templates + 21 Finishers

The Ninja Workout Playbook is a collection of (fill in the blanks) workout templates that help group trainers and 1-1 PT's design incredibly powerful HIIT/HIT workouts in seconds.

Simply slot in your own exercises (bodyweight, equipment based, or both) and create the perfect workout tailored to your clients needs.

Each concept is different with it's own unique twist. 

Team Game Secrets Reloaded

137 Fun Team Games That Will Keep Your Clients Hooked On Your Sessions

This unique collection of fun group games will keep your workouts fun and interesting.  All the games are completely different, and more importantly, challenging. Thats 137 fun group games that will keep your clients happy and hooked on your sessions. Value: $249

NEW FOR 2022

The Ultimate Circuit Training Collection

80 Fun Circuits That Will 'DRAMATICALLY' Spice Up Your Sessions

NEW: Although circuits are an extremely effective way to train groups, they can soon get boring, predictable and lack fun. Circuit Training Secrets changes that by giving you a wide selection of fun circuit training formats that get your clients talking, and spreading the word about how amazing your camp is. Value: $120

NEW: Kick-Ass Ninja Dice - 21 Bootcamp games

Adding that all-important fun element to your classes is easier said than done. so, we came up with Kick-Ass Ninja Dice, 21 bootcamp games that are both fun and very challenging. 

Plug them into part of your session for an instant boost of fun. Each game can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. 

This gives you the power to create hundreds of fun dice drills that you can tailor specifically for your clientele. 

NEW: Kick-Ass Ninja Coins - 21 Bootcamp games

Going the extra mile to make your sessions fun is one of the best ways to stand out as a trainer. These drills are designed to create a fun team atmosphere that will make your clients more productive, happier and more engaged. 

Plug them into part of your session for an instant boost of fun. Each game can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. 

NEW: Kick-Ass Ninja Cards - 21 Bootcamp Games

Every group trainer knows that variety is the secret ingredient to high retention, happy customers and a thriving group fitness business. 

Kick-Ass Playing Cards adds a new dimension to your group training programme, so you can create better workouts and stand out as uniquely different from the competition. 

Plug them into part of your session for an instant boost of fun. Each game can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. 

NEW: Kick-Ass PRS Champion - 21 Bootcamp Games

It is important to keep your members engaged during each session, and games are an amazing way of achieving that. PRS Champion will spice up your classes and create a lot of laughter and conversation. 

Although these games are lot's of fun, they're also very challenging, so your clients get the most out of the time.

Plug them into part of your session for an instant boost of fun. Each game can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. 

NEW: Ultimate Swipe File 

Having the power to whip up a fun and effective group workout ‘lightning fast’ is extremely convenient, especially if you live a busy life. These incredible cheat sheets will come in handy more than you think. 

QuickFire Hero gives you 102 creative group drills spread over 10 unique cheat sheets that you can print out and keep with you at all times, providing you with inspiration no matter where you find yourself planning workouts. 

You can use these drills on their own, or you can connect them together in new and exciting ways.

Simply slot in your preferred exercises (bodyweight, equipment-based, or a combination of both) and away you go. 

Limited Time Bonuses

Bootcamp Business In A Box (10,000+ copies sold)

Running a group fitness business is one of the most profitable things a fitness trainer can do. The problem is, most trainers get it wrong from the get go.  

I will show you (step by step) how to set up a 6 figure group fitness business, and how to attract a steady stream of qualified leads. You'll also get all of my proven marketing plans, and more. 

"I've literally purchased just about every bootcamp program out there and while they all add something of value yours is definitely the most complete in terms of how to put a camp together, exercise selection, how to market your camp, forms to use etc. Really good stuff from top to bottom. John Gonzalez T.F. Bootcamps

NEW: DFY: 30-Day Clean Eating Course

My done for you clean eating course will teach your clients how to eat clean for life, so they get better results from your training, and live a happier, healthier life.

This 'done for you' nutrition course is re-brandable

and you can put your name as the author.  

You can either run it as a 30-day clean eating challenge, or you can offer it as a free or paid course to increase the value of your current membership. 

This course would cost you around $2000 to have created. Today you can get for free when you invest in the Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle. 

"I created this course when I became a fully qualified diet and nutrition advisor. Each daily lesson covers a different area of diet and nutrition, so your clients can learn in bite size chunks" Leon Melnicenko

Bootcamp Ideas Mini Course

In this (one of a kind) video training course I break down 10 of my best bootcamp ideas that will add more variety to your group training programme and make you a much better trainer. 

The Home Run Copywriting Course 

How frustrating is it when you can’t find the right words to promote your PT & group fitness classes? 

In this (4 hour) video training you'll learn how to write sales copy that sells. Imagine having the ability to craft irresistible offers to your target market, and get the word out about your services in the most effective way possible. Copywriting is an essential skill that will benefit your business forever. 

Bootcamp Marketing Playbook

Discover: My top 10 fitness marketing strategies that have personally netted me over 600 bootcamp clients. 

You'll also get an in-depth (how to) action plan that walks you through each strategy. If you implement just one of these strategies, your business would transform forever. 

The Bootcamp Marketing Playbook is worth more to you that everything on this page. Thats why we have decided to include it. It has been a game changer for 100's of trainers, and it can be for you too. 

75 Professional Recipe 

We all know that good nutrition plays an important role in keeping our clients fit and healthy. 

The problem is, finding simple and healthy recipes that can be made quickly and conveniently.

Last year I hired a professional graphic designer to create 75 magazine quality recipe graphics that I could share with my clients as a simple way to educate them on good nutrition.  

They have generated a lot of interest between members, as well as being invaluable content for my private Facebook group, emails and members area.  

When you purchase the bootcamp career bundle today, you'll get these quality graphic (all 75), so you and your clients can reap the same benefits.   

Note: This is a limited time bonus that ends when the timer at the bottom of the page hits zero. 

    Order The Bootcamp Career Bundle Now While It’s At Its Lowest Price

    Here whats included in the Bootcamp Career bundle 2021 

    1. Sure Victory 1 (value $30)

    2. Sure Victory 2 (value $30)

    3. Sure Victory 3 (value $30)

    4. Sure Victory 4 (value $30)

    5. K-bell Bootcamp 1 (value $30)

    6. K-bell Bootcamp 1 (value $30)

    7. K-bell 'B' Series (value $30)

    8. K-bell Ultimate  (value $30)

    9. K-bell Circuits (value $30)

    10. Periodisation 1 (value $30)

    12. Periodisation 2 (value $30)

    13. Periodisation 3 (value $30)

    14. Periodisation 4 (value $30) 

    15. Transformation (value $97)

    16. Beach Body (value $30)

    17. Crazy Closers (value $30)

    18. Music finishers (value $47)

    19. Music templates (value $47)

    20. E3MOM (value $47)

    21. Group Ideas (value $17)

    22. 1 Cone Workouts (value $19)

    23. Partner Cheat (value $17)

    24. Ninja Dice (value $30)

    25. Ninja Cards (value $30)

    26. Acronyms (value $49)

    27. KickAss Finishers (value $49)

    28. Warrior Circuits (value $17)

    29. Battle Rounds (value $17)

    30. IntervalFormula (value $30)

    31. Master Joker (value $47)

    32. Ninja Playbook (value $97)

    33. Battlefield W  (value $30)

    34. PRS Champion (value $30)

    35. Art of War (value $30)

    36. Game Secrets (value $30)

    37. Captains Crush (value $30)

    38. E3MOM (value $47)

    39. Group Ideas (value $47)

    40. Beast Protocol (value $39)

    41. Rocket Ball (value $19)

    42. Sledge Hammer Drills ($19)

    43. Three Person Drills ($19)

    44. Team Challenges (value $30)

    45. Team Circuits (value $30)

    46. Team Games (value $30)

    47. Partner Drills (value $30)

    48Individual Tests (value $30)

    49. Fitness Tests (value 30)

    50. Kick-Ass Ninja Dice

    51. Kick-Ass Ninja Coins

    52. Kick-Ass Ninja Cards

    53. Kick-Ass Champion 

    54. Biz In A Box ($197)

    55. Titan Copy Pro ($197)

    56. Finisher drills (value $30)

    57: Themed Drills (value $30)

    58. Circuit Secrets vol 1

    59. Circuit Secrets vol 2

    60. Circuit Secrets vol 3

    61. Circuit Secrets vol 4

    62. Online Lead Mach ($197)

    63. Copy Course ($197)

    64. Titan Copy Pro ($197)

    65. Marketing Playbook ($97)

    66. Traffic Methods 1 ($97)

    67. Traffic Methods 2 ($97)

    68.  5K Finess Images ($297)

    69.  Clean Eating Course ($197)

    70.  Sales Funnel B-print ($97)

    71.  Ultimate Swipe File ($30)

    The true value of this mega bundle is a staggering $4578 

    Today, you get everything on this page for one low investment of just $97, and in the time it saves you, it will pay for itself 100x over. That's our promise or your money back.

    40 Years Of Combined Effort, 

    Yours For Just $297 $197

    "Only $1.34 per product"


    If, for any reason, you don't like these amazing products, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

    To your continued success..

    Leon Melnicenko & Georgette Pann

    After leaving the British Royal Marines in 2013, Leon used his qualifications as a PT & group fitness trainer to open his first bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training).

    His main focus was to provide fun, challenging and effective team based workouts that got great results. 

    "My unique approach of designing effective workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun allowed him to grow Sound Fitness to 126 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth."

    Leon lives in Spain where he met his fiancé Sophie. They have 2 beautiful daughters, Alba & Lili. He is the owner of the Workout Design Club and Train The Trainer

    Georgette is the owner of Nutrifitness Personal Training Studio. She has 20+ years’ experience in the health and fitness field with expertise in fitness boot camps, women's fitness, weight loss/nutrition, bodybuilding and post rehab. She is the author of numerous bestselling programs, where she teaches other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too.

    "Today I launch my Bootcamp Career Bundle so you can short cut your own learning process and make a huge success of your business. This career bundle (30 years in the making) is my gift to you". 

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