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New this weeks update: Monday, Oct 28nd

  1. Speedway Circuit
  2. Relay Resurrection (Halloween)
  3. Angel of Death (Halloween)
  4. Sprint Exchange
  5. Core Inferno
  6. Trick or Treat
  7. Ladder Hell Extreme
  8. 4 Course Blitz
  9. Monkey Cup
  10. Marine Commando
  11. Cat & Mouse
  12. Time Dictates

Last weeks update: Monday, Oct 21nd

  1. King Dynamite
  2. Double Demons
  3. Abs Incredible
  4. Super Gauntlet 200
  5. Tabata Nitro
  6. Marvel Endurance
  7. A Segment of Seconds
  8. Quads of Shaolin
  9. Super Try-Angle
  10. Build Your Own Tabata Accumulator
  11. Double Duck
  12. Catch Crush

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