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 Discover: How To SkyRocket Your Income Running Fun Online Fitness Challenges 

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Welcome To The The Fitness Challenge Blueprint!

Hi, I'm Leon, a British Commando turned fitness trainer.

Throughout the year I run fun and result focused online fitness challenges to boost my income get attract lot's of new members.  

In my brand new course, The Fitness Challenge Blueprint, you'll learn..

How to quickly and easily set-up and launch different types of online fitness challenges during the year, so you can enjoy more financial freedom. 

You'll also learn, how to convert members on to a subscription when the challenge is over, so you have a predictable monthly income, meaning you'll never be stuck for money ever again. 

Success In 3 Simple Steps

Learn The Entire Process in 4-hours With Free Online Tools


Module 1: CLARITY

You'll finish this module with a crystal clear vision of how your challenge will look, and how to build a solid foundation for future challenges.

Lesson 1: Goal Setting 

Lesson 2: Price/Duration 

Lesson 3: Fitness Challenge Ideas

Lesson 4: Choosing A Recording Format 

Lesson 5: How To Deliver Your Challenge

Lesson 6: Done For You Programmes 


Module 2: CREATE

In this module you'll be copying exactly what I do on the screen as we create our digital assets with free tools, pre-written sales copy and done for you designs. It's very straight forward. 

Lesson 1: Headline Creation 

Lesson 2: Digital Poster Creation

Lesson 3: Facebook Group Creation 

Lesson 4: Landing/payment page creation

Lesson 5: Creating a digital Par Q


Module 3: MARKET

In this module you'll learn my proven 4-step sales system for generating leads on tap for every new challenge you create. We'll also cover a wide range of different marketing tactics. 

Lesson 1: The 4-step sales system

Lesson 2: Proven marketing strategies  

Lesson 3: How To Keep Clients Engaged

Lesson 4: How to convert members onto a continuity programme (monthly subscription) 

Lesson 5: Email marketing made simple

Lesson 6: Rinse And Repeat 

What Type of Online Challenges Can I Run?

Almost anything! Utilise your existing skills, or become newley qualified in something you love.










Pretty much anything....


Launch 7, 14 or 30 day challenges



Challenges are one of the best ways to generate new leads and grow your classes fast. 



Launch online fitness challenges for local businesses. This can be hugely lucrative.



Create an online fitness course and deliver it over 5-7 days. Lot's of trainers do. Why not you? Courses sell for between $300-$500

Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Discover In This Course:

  • How to quickly and easily set-up and launch different types of online fitness challenges during the year, so you can enjoy more financial freedom.
  • How to convert members on to a subscription when your challenge is over. 
  • An entire done for you 30-day fitness challenge, complete with template library. 
  • My tried and tested 4-step sales system for generating floods of new leads without spending a penny on advertising. 
  • How to set up and run a private Facebook community specifically for an online challenge (most trainers get this wrong). Learn exactly what too post, when to post it, and how to keep members engaged. 
  • The best way to price your challenges for maximum participation (this is key). 
  • Choosing a recording format thats right for you. 
  • Done for you sales copy and a stunning digital poster (worth $297) that you can edit and rebrand to launch any type of challenge (I'll show you exactly how).
  • How to tap into the corporate market (it's easier than you think). 
  • How to rake in the big buck by creating 7-day fitness courses.
  • How to create a beautiful landing/payment page for free. It's already done for you. You just have to copy and paste. It's that simple.
  • How to create a digital Par Q that clients digitally sign and send back. This is also extremely convenient for your offline classes too, and it's free. 
  • And much more...

Done For You Workouts

To get you started, I have included my signature (done for you) 30-day fitness challenge. This is the exact same challenge I run during the year with great success. You'll also get my template library (fill in the blanks with your own exercises), so you can create your own unique workouts lightening fast.

Ultimate Online Hero

Last year I ran a wildly popular online 30-day fitness challenge which attracted 244 paying clients. 70 of which went on to join my monthly paid programme. I'm giving you this exact programme, so you can get your challenge up and running fast, without wasting anytime or stressing out. Thats 30 fun and creative workouts which are all unique and different, plus 30 fun finishers. These workouts are programmed with kettlebell and dumbbell exercises which added a lot of variety and kept participants engaged to the end. Value: $47

Ultimate Online Templates

Having a library of tried and tested templates ready to go means that you don’t have to waste time creating workouts from scratch. The ultimate template library lets you create any type of workout (lower, core, upper, full-body etc) fast, and with any type of exercise (bodyweight, equipment based, a combination of both). In fact, with this system, you can build out entire challenges within the hour easily. This template library is the perfect solution when you need to get a challenge or workout created quickly. Value: $47


"Leon, I just launched my first challenge and got 57 sign-ups at 20 quid a pop. I've already started planning new next challenge and I so excited. I'm so glad I took the plunge. Thanks

Kelly Mels, Wales, UK.

Kelly Mels, Circuit-Fit, UK 

I just wanted to send you a quick message to say a big thank you for your amazing content that I have implemented into my business. I got 250+ join the private group. After using your content, I now have 60+ paying clients following my online programme. Thank you so much.

Alison Marron, B-Fit, UK

HOLY COW! "So, I tried the online lead machine today. Leon - I have almost 90 leads within 10 hours. Phew. This is a little crazy! Thanks so much for the awesome advice - I followed it to a T".

Denise C, Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition.

Denise Coots, Freestyle Fitness & Nutrtion , USA

I just wanted to thank you you for all you do. I have used your 30 days of fitness program a couple of times and I really was struggling financially earlier this year. I decided to advertise really early and I am starting a Backcountry Fitness drop a dress size in 30 days(we start March 3) And I am so excited to announce that I am at 115 participants!!!

Christine Hooper, Backcountry Fitness, USA. 


This course contains the exact "blueprint" for launching fun online fitness challenges during the year, so you can boost your income and enjoy more financial freedom. 

When you finish this course (takes around 4-hours), you'll have a proven plan for generating income on demand, 

without gambling your money on Facebook ads or expensive coaching.

To celebrate the launch of this new course, I'm offering a $200 discount, plus over $500 in bonuses. 

A game-changer for fitness trainers....

Leon's new course is a game-changer for fitness trainers wanting to boost their income online. I’ve never seen anything like it. HIGHLY recommend it.

Cladia Li //  Business Coach

This is going to generate a lot of income for...

"I've seen a lot of courses in my time but nothing as easy to implement as this. It's simple to understand, practical and more importantly repeatable. This is going to generate a lot of income for a lot of trainers. Great stuff!"  

Georgette Pann //  CEO at NutriFit

10x Your Income Only $497 $197


75 Magazine Quality Healthy Recipe Graphics 

I hired a professional graphic designer to create 75 magazine quality recipe graphics for my online challenges. This is the perfect type of content to use along side your challenges because they create a lot of engagement between members. Post one graphics each day alongside your workout, thats simple. The recipes are super simple, healthy, they look great, and they're all different (Image size 1080 × 1080). I paid a small fortune for these graphics, and you get them for free. $197.

30-Day Clean Eating Course

I created this course when I qualified as a diet and nutrition advisor. Each daily lesson covers a different area of diet and nutrition, so you can teach your clients how to eat clean for life, so they get better results from your training, and live a happier, healthier life. This 'done for you' nutrition course is fully re-brandable. This content is perfect to run along side your 30-day fitness challenge because it adds so much value. This course would cost you a fortune to have created. Today you can get for free when you invest in the Online Fitness Blueprint. Value: $197.

Sales Funnel Blueprint 

A sales funnel is the journey a consumer takes from being a prospect to a paying customer. The Sales Funnel Blueprint will show you how to sell more of your products and services to your ideal customers, on auto-pilot. This works for generating sales online and offline. Value: $97.   

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Implement this course from start to finish, and if it doesn't do exactly what I have promised, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund


I'm Not Great With Technology, Is it Easy To Set Up?

I created this course in a very simple 'step by step' fashion that makes it virtually impossible to fail. All you have to do is follow along and copy exactly what I do on the screen. It's that simple. 

How Does Support Work? 

Within the course platform you can contact me directly if you get stuck, or have questions. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask. I'll be with you every step of the way until you have got your first challenge up and running, and making money.  

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

This course will work for you 100% if you do the work and follow the training. However, If for any reason it doesn't, shoot me a quick email and I'll refund your purchase. Contact:

Are There Any Other Investments?

To set-up our challenge we'll be using a couple of free and simple tools. However, when it comes to downloading your digital poster in HD, you'll have to sign-up to poster my wall for 1-month which is $9.99. Once you have your graphic, you can cancel that without charge. However, it's a fantastic service for creating all types of graphic, so you may decide to keep it. I love it. 

How Long Dos The Course Take? 

If you take your time, you can complete the course in less than a day and have your first challenge ready to promote. Once you know what you're doing, you'll be able to whip up these challenges in under 1-hour. Now thats extremely powerful. 

I have A Question Before I Purchase?

Click the speech bubble at the bottom right of this page and fire away. Or, you can shoot me a quick email at 


About This Course 

With the uncertainty that businesses face due to Covid, Leon wanted a simple way for fitness trainers to utilize their skills and generate income online. You’ll copy Leon’s tried and tested 3-step system for launching an unlimited number of different challenges.

Leon is an Ex British Commando turned group fitness trainer and CEO of the Workout Design Club and Train The Trainer. When he's not creating workouts and resources for awesome trainers like you, he's hanging out with Sophie and their two crazy girls Alba and Lili. You can contact Leon at the email below, anytime you have a question.

Leon Melnicenko
CEO - Workout Design Club

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