Are You A Fitness Trainer Neglecting
Your Own Fitness? 

What I’ll be revealing to you today will not only help you stop feeling like a fraud, but it can also draw in more clients, due to your new found confidence and transformed body

Dear Trainer,

You’re not alone. Many fitness trainers come to me saying that they’re so focused on getting their clients results and running their businesses that they often neglect themselves in the process.

Here's what they said.. 

So, let me ask you a question. 
In your current fitness level could you..

  • Run 30 miles across Britain’s toughest terrain whilst wearing 30lbs of kit?
  • Climb 60ft ropes, again, whilst carrying 30lbs of kit?
  • Complete the toughest assault course's in the British Military...


Well, that is exactly what I had to go through to become a Royal Marine Commando. And gain the respect of some of the toughest individuals on the planet.

They applauded my mental clarity and resilience.

But what happened next....

It all broke down, I got to a place where I struggled to keep my body at it’s peak performance level.

Like the casual gym goers of the world, I was “Yo,Yo-ing”. Not a good place to be if you’re in the fitness business. Why did this happen? I’ll tell you why…

In the Military I was in an environment that held me to the highest standards. Brutal standards. If you’ve spent any time in the Military, you’ll know that it’s ruthless.

You come out knowing EXACTLY what your body’s capable of doing. You have to work your ass off. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s actually quite easy.

Let me explain…

It’s easy because you don’t have to do anything, the Military does it all for you.

  • You don’t have to create the exercise routines from scratch, they are pre-designed to take you from an “average” body to a “beastly” body.
  • You don’t have to wake yourself up. The morning drill is pre-set.
  • You don’t have to make your own schedule. You follow what’s ordered.

Most importantly you don’t have to discipline yourself, someone makes you do it. And is happy to enforce brain-bleeding punishment if you start making dumb decisions that take you off course.

And you have no option but to comply. 

And THAT my friend, is the X-Factor.

Because to be honest, if I left you to your own devices, in your warm bed, surrounded by your friends and family who ‘like to take it easy’. And a million other ‘responsibilities’ distracting you, you’d fail.


It’s a known fact that many people struggle to keep their body in peak shape once they retire from the Military and come home. Now I know you may not have gone through military training.


[That's Me In Black, Training Members of My Troop]

As a fitness trainer I’m sure you share the same struggle of keeping your body in peak shape, without someone making sure you do it.

You probably miss the times where your body was in it’s best shape, you oozed confidence from every pore and you felt good, knowing you were performing at your peak.

… But then life happened.

And then 4 months later, after completely ditching your diet and workouts, you’re walking around with a mushy body just like everyone else.

I get it. And I’ve been there. You get so busy looking after everyone else but yourself. Neglecting your own body and health in the process. 

You bury your head in the sand, but still can’t get rid of that nagging voice in your head telling you you’re a fraud, a hypocrite. Deep down you ‘know’ it’s just a matter of time before you get called out.

Before your clients start to realise, that maybe you’re not the right person to be giving them fitness advice.

But I’ve got your back...

Just Finished Workout 125 - HIT The Core

Look, I’m not gonna preach to you what you need to do to stay fit, healthy & a shining light of inspiration to your clients. Cause I KNOW you know all that.

So, why have you not been doing it?

See, just as the military is “Forced Transformation", an environment that is “carefree and chill” is also “Forced Transformation.”

The difference?

One environment builds incredibly amazing humans. The other lets you be lazy and slack off. But fear not! I’m not suggesting you need to join the military, with sergeants barking orders down your throat.

But, I do have a solution... 

I’ve taken all the best bits from Military training (and from my qualifications as a group PT and Metabolic Conditioning Coach) and condensed it into a program which will not only get you fit again,

but it’ll also allow you to practice everything you preach.

“Introducing: Fit In 20's Train The Trainer, 

Fitness Accountability for Busy Fit Pros.."

If you're sick of feeling like a fraud, and expecting your clients to do things that you can't manage yourself, 

then this programme will transform you in to the best version of yourself in just a few short weeks. 

Not only will this proven programme keep you consistent with your own fitness (year round), so you always look and feel amazing. But it will give you a cool confidence knowing that your leading by example and walking your own talk. A true role model your clients and community needs.

Fit In 20 will make it super easy for you to keep on top of your fitness in just 20 minutes per day. 


Here's Whats Included

  • 20 Super-Effective 20-25 minute video training sessions each month (1 per day Mon-Fri) delivered by video in our Private Facebook Community. You can also copy, paste & print each workout.
  • All 20 workouts written out, giving you a fresh supply of weekly drills to use with your clients. 
  • 20 Ninja finishers per month (an extra with each session), so you can get even quicker results. 
  • Free access to over 160 training sessions (and all future releases), so you're never stuck without a fantastic workout. Plus you can access the workouts from almost any device so you can crack a workout anywhere. 
  • Accountability: If your excuse for not getting your ass in gear is lack of accountability then consider it handled. We will hold you accountable so you do the work and get the same great results our members are getting. 
  • Personal access to me (email & chat support) without the cost ($1000+) of being one of my private clients. 
  • Licence to use these same workouts (copy & paste) with your training clients.
  • Hang out with a like-minded community of amazing fit pro's, so you can network and share ideas.

Here's What Equipment You'll Need, And Why These Workouts Are So Effective

I design my workouts using a combination of Bodyweight, Kettle-bell, Dumbbell & Slam ball exercises. This enables me to keep the workouts fresh, fun and super effective. 

Why we use a Kettle-bell (7-20k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Combines strength and cardio training for a ripped, lean look and better overall fitness results.
  • Develops functional strength which makes everyday life easier, has a low impact on the joints, increases flexibility, coordination and improves balance and posture.  
  • Strengthens the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less susceptible to injury.

Why we use Dumbbells (2-10k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Develops muscular, strength, endurance which improves your physical performance, and helps you gain lean muscle and lose body fat. 
  • Adds resistance to certain body weight exercises making them more challenging thus increasing the training effect. 
  • Creates both inter- and intramuscular coordination, leading to higher levels of muscle activation.
  • Using lighter dumbbells for compound multipoint movements improves coordination between different body segments.

Why we use a Slam Ball (7-15k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Develops strength, speed, muscular endurance and explosive power. 
  • Incorporates compound & functional movements which deliver fast results in building muscle and burning fat.
  • Plus, you'll learn over 50 unique slam ball exercises that you can use to spice up your sessions and boost your clients results.   

The Type's Of Training Methods I Use To Keep You In Fantastic Shape Year Round, So You Can Lead By Example And Be A Great Role Model To Your Clients.






















Here's Our Training Schedule

In just 20 minutes you can easily slot these workouts in to your day. I post workouts MTWTF, and if you want to train over the weekend you can either catch up on any missed workouts, or choose from one from the library. 

  • Monday: Lower body focus
  • Tuesday: Core focus
  • Wednesday: Upper body focus
  • Thursday: Cardio focus
  • Friday: Super Mash Up 
  • Sat/Sun: Catch up, rest, or choose a workout from the training library.

And Here Are Are Some Recent

Workouts For You To Try

Legs Of Shaolin (Lower)

Core Ignition (Core)

Body Builder (Upper) 

Cardio Reaper (Cardio)  

Now You Can Avoid That 2 Hour Round Trip To The Gym 3x Per Week And Get Your Life Back

Lets be honest.

By the time you've driven to the gym, sorted yourself out, had a chit chat, then decided on your workout (that's if you can get on the equipment you want) your Fit In 20 workout will be long done and you'll have more time on your hands. 

  • GYM: 3 Sessions per week 2 hour round trip = 24 hours per month
  • Fit In 20: 5 Sessions per week at 20 minutes = 6 Hour 40 

The truth is, without the accountability that you get with Fit In 20, and the super effective daily workouts that are done for you and proven to work. You're unlikely to be consistent with your own fitness and get the results you'd like. 

And don't worry, if on some days you feel like doing more than a 20 minute workout, there's an optional finisher drill with each daily workout. Plus, you'll have access to every Fit In 20 workout that has ever been posted.  

As You Can See.. Fit In 20 Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World. Are YOU Next?

Loved every workout and your support 

"Loved every workout and your support, along with the group. I had to do it every day because I ask my clients to show up, despite being tired or if they've had a bad day - and they do. How can we expect our clients to commit if we make excuses in our own lives

Donna Marie Baker  //  Bootcamp & PT // Encore Fitness// Queensland AUS

Thanks for keeping me focused

Thanks for keeping me focused, accountable and consistent with my own fitness. I loved how the days are focused on upper / lower / core etc. Also love the compound exercises, they keep the mind busy while the body works hard. 

Carly Robinson  //  Bootcamp & PT // Fit Your Needs // New Zealand 

You get the results which is the main thing

Leon's Fit in 20 is an inspiration for a quick high intensity session for busy PTs - they are motivational, keep you in top shape and you can use them to keep you accountable. The variety of exercises is phenomenal and it raises the bar when it comes to instruction and easy to the use format. You get the results which is the main thing. It's a no-brainer as they can be used anywhere. I would sincerely recommend Leon's Fit in 20 package.How's that.

Paul Davis  //  Bootcamp & PT // Military Bootcamps// UK

I Love The Variety 

As a PT, I joined Fit in 20 to hold myself accountable!  It's very easy to put everyone before ourselves. Leon is the best! If you don't check in he is emailing you to check in. He's never too busy to check in with his clients. His workouts are tough but always different which drew me to Fit in 20. I love the variety!!  

Chris Napolitano  //  Bootcamp & PT // Worth The Weight // Massachusetts 

Thank you for this wonderful group..

Thank you for this wonderful group. These 20 minute workouts done consistently over time add up to amazing results. I have always been in shape, but this has bumped my fitness to the next level & something I have replicated with many clients. I can recommend highly enough!

Tina Fritsch //  Bootcamp & PT // Fit By Design // Toronto  

Early last year I found Fit In 20 and I’ve never looked back. It is helping me stay accountable and consistent with my training so I can be a great role model to my family, friends and local community. Each workout is different and Leon is always coming with new ideas to make things fun. I also use the same workouts with my clients too and they love it.

Daniel Power //  Bootcamp & PT // Power Camp Fitness // Toronto  

I love Fit In 20, especially the  accountability. I'm now in great shape and I plan to keep it that way. I have more energy, focus and  I'm transferring that inspiration to my own fitness business. If you are thinking of joining in Fit in 20, STOP thinking and do it. You have so much to again and not really anything to lose!

Paul Barnes //  Bootcamp/PT Instructor // Move Generation Fitness// AUS

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Leon Melnicenko. I’m from a town in the north of England called Bolton. 

After serving 7+ years as a British Royal Marine Commando, and completing one tour of Afghanistan (something I will never forget), I decided to pursue my love of fitness and open my first bootcamp/PT business. 

I operated 10 sessions a week for over 4 years, instructing over 1700 sessions. I also ran a weekly corporate team building gig at the world renowned Wrigley’s chewing gum factory. 

My unique approach of designing effective workouts cleverly disguised as fun allowed me to grow my business to 126 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth.

In March 2015 the fitness business was sold and I moved to sunny Spain where I met my fiancé Sophie.

We have a beautiful daughter Alba and 5 dogs, 3 of which we rescued. Long story. 

I am the owner of Unique Bootcamp Workouts, Fit In 20's Trainer The Trainer (online fitness coach), the Workout Design Club and published author to over 20 fitness manuals.

I now spend my time training clients online, managing my business and hanging out with my family & friends. 

Become A Member Today And
Complete Your First 20 Minute Workout

How much do you charge for just 1 PT session? $30, $50, $100?

Fit In 20 - Trainer The Trainer will cost you $5 per week (USD) which works out at just $1 per session. And for that you get me as your trainer to keep you in great shape year round, and hold you accountable. 

Heres a quick recap of all you get.. 

  • 20 Super-Effective 20-25 minute training sessions each month
  • 20 Ninja finishers per week
  • Free access to over 160 training sessions and all future releases
  • Accountability: You'll be part of a winning team that will not let you down
  • Personal access to me (email & chat support) without the cost of being one of my private clients
  • Licence to use these same workouts (copy & paste) with your clients, or in your own private FB group
  • All 20 workouts written out, and ready to use with your own group 

Click the orange button below.

You’ll be taken to a 100% secure order form. Enter your regular details then you'll be re-directed to our private Facebook group. Request to join and I'll add you.

Membership is just $20 per month ($5 per week) and you can cancel anytime without charge. When you consider everything you get, we think you’ll agree it’s amazing value.

If You Decide To Give Fit In 20 A Try,
I Promise You Won’t Be Disappointed

(Most trainers sign up and get stuck in)

Fit In 20 Closes It's Doors To New Members In.....


What are you waiting for? Go crack your first workout. 

Leon Melnicenko
Former British Commando, fitness business owner & author. 
Founder of Unique Bootcamp Workouts & The Workout Design Club

P.S Fit in 20 100% ROI Promise—in the first 30 days, see a big difference in how you look and feel or your money refunded. 

Skype: Leonmelnicenko

Metabolic Conditioning Coach

Advanced PT instructor

Advanced Bootcamp Trainer

Online Fitness Coach

Another Fun Workout Complete With Sophie

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