Attention: Fitness Trainers

Are You Struggling To Stay

In Peak Condition And Walk 

Your Own Talk?

What I’ll be revealing to you today will not only help you stay in peak condition,  but it can also draw in more clients, due to your new found confidence and transformed body.  

Welcome to Train The Trainer.

I’m Leon, a Royal Marine Commando turned fitness trainer.

Train the trainer is a fitness programme that keeps you in amazing shape by completing short daily workouts using a wide variety of fun and effective training methods.

This proven training programme guarantees that you always look and feel your best, so you have a cool confidence knowing that you lead by example and walk your own talk.

 I’ve never looked and felt so great before!

Kelly Amana //  Rowing & Circuit Instructor // Wales UK

"It's Time To Put Yourself First For A Change"

Leon Melnicenko - "I help fitness trainers walk their own talk"

In June 2018 I ran my second Train The Trainer challenge. I was shocked at how many trainers came forward and told me they were struggling with their own fitness. 

They told me they were so busy training and looking after their clients that they often neglected their own fitness in the process. If that sounds like you then... 

I want to invite you..

to take part in Train The Trainer 30 day fitness challenge, which starts on Monday November 4th and finishes on Wednesday December 4th. Our goal is to transform you back to peak physical condition, so you can feel 100% confident in your body & physical abilities."


Run from a private Facebook group, we will complete 1 x 20 minute workout per day for 30 days covering a wide variety of fun and effective training methods.

Each day I’ll post a 2 minutes explainer video (along with exercise demonstrations), so you can complete the workout anywhere you wish.

Training Schedule

In just 20 minutes per day, you can easily schedule these workouts into your diary. You'll enjoy a wide variety of workouts (HIIT, HIT, endurance & strength training), so you see the best possible results.

  • Monday: Lower body focus
  • Tuesday: Core focus
  • Wednesday: Upper body focus
  • Thursday: Cardio focus
  • Friday: Compound focus 
  • Saturday: Upper focus 
  • Sunday: Rest or adventure cardio  

The Results You Can Expect

At the end of week 1 (7 workouts in) you’ll start to feel your energy levels peak, your body kick into high gear, and a powerful self-confidence start to emerge. At the end of week 2 (14 workouts in) you’ll be fitter, faster, stronger, more productive, and your body will start to transform as you burn fat, build muscle and tone up.

At the end of week 3 (21 workouts in) you’ll start to look and feel like the best version of yourself. You live what you preach, you feel confident in your own body, and you’re a great role model for your business and your client’s.

At the end of week 4 (30 workouts in) you can't believe how far you've come and how you look. You look at yourself in the mirror, and you're amazed at this person staring back at you. You may not even recognise who it is.

Thank you for this wonderful group..

Thank you for this wonderful group. These 20 minute workouts done consistently over time, add up to amazing results. I have always been in shape, but this has bumped my fitness to the next level & something I have replicated with many clients. I can't recommend it enough!

Tina Fritsch //  Bootcamp & PT // Fit By Design // Toronto  

Equipment You Need To Take Part

I design my workouts using a combination of bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbell and slam ball exercises. This gives me the variety to keep the workouts fresh, fun and super effective. 

Why we use a Kettlebell (7-20k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Combines strength and cardio training for a ripped, lean look and better overall fitness results.
  • Develops functional strength which makes everyday life easier, has a low impact on the joints, increases flexibility, coordination and improves balance and posture.  
  • Strengthens the tendons and ligaments, making the joints more robust and less susceptible to injury.

Why we use Dumbbells (2-10k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Develops muscular, strength, endurance which improves your physical performance, and helps you gain lean muscle and lose body fat. 
  • Adds resistance to specific body weight exercises, making them more challenging, thus increasing the training effect. 
  • Creates both inter- and intramuscular coordination, leading to higher levels of muscle activation.
  • Using lighter dumbbells for compound multipoint movements improves coordination between different body segments.

Why we use a Slam Ball (7-15k Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Develops strength, speed, muscular endurance and explosive power. 
  • Incorporates compound & functional movements which deliver fast results in building muscle and burning fat.
  • Plus, you'll learn over 50 unique slam ball exercises that you can use to spice up your sessions and boost your clients results.   

By The Time You've Driven To The Gym,

Your Daily 20 Minute HIT Workout Will Be Complete

By the time you've driven to the gym and decided on your workout, your daily 20 minute HIT workout will be complete, and you’ll have a lot of extra time on your hands

Most trainers hit the gym 3x per week which ends up being a 2 hour round trip. Thats 24 hours a month

With our daily 20 minute workouts, you save approximately 17 hours per month.

Plus you'll have me as your trainer writing all your workouts for you, and keeping you consistent, motivated and accountable. 

Train The Trainer Has Already Helped Countless Trainers Around The World. Are YOU Next?

Loved every workout and your support 

"Loved every workout and your support, along with the group. I had to do it every day because I ask my clients to show up, despite being tired or if they've had a bad day - and they do. How can we expect our clients to commit if we make excuses in our own lives

Donna Marie Baker  //  Bootcamp & PT // Encore Fitness// Queensland AUS

Thanks for keeping me focused

Thanks for keeping me focused, accountable and consistent with my fitness. I love how the days are focused on upper / lower / core etc. Also love the compound exercises, they keep the mind busy while the body works hard. 

Carly Robinson  //  Bootcamp & PT // Fit Your Needs // New Zealand 

keeping me accountable and in great shape.

Leon's Fit in 20 workouts are keeping me accountable and in great shape. I love that every workout is different and the variety of exercises is fantastic. I also get a lot of inspiration for my own classes which is an added bonus. I would sincerely recommend Fit in 20 Train The Trainer. 

Paul Davis  //  Bootcamp & PT // Military Bootcamps// UK

I Love The Variety 

As a PT, I joined Fit in 20 to hold myself accountable!  It's very easy to put everyone before ourselves. Leon is the best! If you don't check in he is emailing you to check in. He's never too busy to check in with his clients. His workouts are tough but always different, which drew me to Fit in 20. I love the variety!!  

Chris Napolitano  //  Bootcamp & PT // Worth The Weight // Massachusetts 

It is helping me stay accountable and consistent

Early last year I found Train The Trainer and never looked back. It is helping me stay accountable and consistent with my training so I can be a great role model to my family, friends and local community. Each workout is different and Leon is always coming with new ideas to make things fun. I also use the same workouts with my clients too, and they love it.

Daniel Power //  Bootcamp & PT // Power Camp Fitness // Toronto  

Here's Why You Should Join Today

How long have you been saying you want to get back to your best? Which means looking and feeling like you did when you were in peak condition.

Let me help you become consistent again with your fitness, so you can lead by example and feel 100% confident in your body again. 

Here’s what’s included over this 30-day fitness challenge

  • 40 Powerful 20-25 minute training sessions (includes all warm-up workouts)
  • 40 HIIT finishers for accelerated results (includes all warm-up workout finishers)
  • Motivation/Accountability: I'll support you every step of the way.  
  • Personal access to me (email, phone & chat support) without the cost of being one of my private clients.

Early Bird Bonuses

Although Train The Trainer officially starts on Monday November 4th, you can join today and start cracking my daily warm-up workouts in preparation. When you join today as an early bird, you'll get...

Bonus 1: Our team will grant you a special licence allowing you to use these weekly workouts with your clients (for free). This licence also applies if you stay on once the challenge is over. (Value: $197/month) 

Bonus 2: Train the trainer power pack. You'll get all 40 workouts and finishers written out and ready to use with your clients (value: $97). 


Bonus 3: A free copy of my latest manual (Ninja Warrior Templates) currently selling for $49. 

Warning: ​These cool bonuses won't be up for long so sign up now or risk being disappointed.  

How To Sign Up

Train the trainer 30-day challenge is a one-time payment of $30 (USD), which works out at just $1 per session.

To sign up, click the orange button below which will take you to our secure order form. Enter your regular details and complete your order. You'll be redirected to our Private Facebook group. Request to join and I'll add you.

Here's a quick message from current member Paul Barnes. 

I love Fit In 20 Train The Trainer, especially the  accountability. I'm now in great shape, and I plan to keep it that way. I have more energy, focus and I'm transferring that inspiration to my own fitness business. If you are thinking of joining in Fit in 20, STOP thinking and do it. You have so much to gain and not really anything to lose!

Paul Barnes //  Bootcamp/PT Instructor // Move Generation Fitness// AUS

Doors Now Open: When you join today you can start completing our

daily warm-up workouts in preparation for the 30-day challenge

which starts on Monday November 4th 2019.



Train The Trainer is 100% risk free. 

We think you'll be totally blown away by the results you'll get  from this programme. However, If for ANY reason you're not 100% satisfied, just drop us an email and we’ll refund you, no-questions asked. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To your success

Leon Melnicenko

Metabolic conditioning coach

Former Commando 

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