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We know how time consuming and mentally draining it is coming up with new workout ideas all the time. So we created The Ninja Workout Template Play Book that makes it easy.

  • 21 Unique workout templates that gives you the power to design fun packed workouts for almost any type of session fast (PT, group training, home workouts, online, corporate etc).  
  • 21 Fun packed finishers that will create a huge buzz around your workouts   
  • Slot in your own exercises (bodyweight, equipment based or both) for ultimate customisation and flexibility. This gives you 1000's of possible workout variations so your clients never get bored.

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My entire collection of musical finisher drills will keep your clients as loyal to you as they are to their favourite sprints team.

  • 52 Brand new drills that will supercharge the atmosphere at the your sessions and keep your clients happy.   
  • Plus 52 finisher templates, so you can design your own unique music finishers using the same songs. Just fill in the blanks and enjoy 1000's of different variations. 
  • A wide variety of upbeat songs & unique exercise that you can use for any type of session. (PT, group training, home workouts, online, corporate etc).  

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About the Author: Leon Melnicenko

After leaving the British Royal Marines in 2013, Leon used his qualifications as a PT & group fitness trainer to open his first bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training). His main focus was to provide fun, challenging and effective team based workouts that got great results. Leon's unique approach of designing effective workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun allowed him to grow Sound Fitness to 126 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth. He now spends his time help trainers like you do them same. 


What People Are Saying


Paul Davis,

Military Bootcamps UK

They love them Leon. I use them as finishers mostly. Tuesday I used four and interspersed them between a hard core drill. It's got people talking on my closed Facebook. Tonight I'm doing Help by the Beatles and Maroon 5 back to back. They are cool and everyone loves them especially last night when I was strutting my stuff to Night Fever!

Alan Sleet,

Best Fit Forward

"My clients love musical drills, whether at the start, in the middle or even the end of a session. It helps get them through knowing that there is an end, as well as taking their mind ofF the pain. They always love the anticipation of what the new song might be. That said, I've ruined a few songs for them as well as helped them to find new drinking games! The atmosphere is always electric when I use them."

Vito Marcinkevicius

CEO - Weights For Soul

I love these musical finishers. They work really well at creating a fun and energised team atmosphere. I like to use them on a Friday because it boosts the mood and sets my clients up for a great weekend. 

Kelly Mel

Circuits Instructor

"My clients are going wild for these musical finishers. They're a serious mood booster. We're having fun. Thanks.

Gee Bee

HIT Harder Fitness UK

“Musical finishers are the icing on the cake of my group sessions. They make sure that everyone leaves the session on a high and are a huge conversation starter, love or hate them they encourage team building as they work to get through it!They became so popular that we dedicated a whole class to them at our clients request! .” 

Stacey Graas

YouNomi Netherlands.

"I love to go beyond with my group, take them out of their comfort zone, and leave them with a really fulfilled feeling. That kind of training can not go without good-vibe-energizers, and what will do better than music? If I finish with a happy song, familiar tune, or say an explosive beat... They go home tired but oh so happy."

How Many Hours Are You 

Losing Planning New Workouts? 

One of the greatest assets you can have in your trainer toolbox is variety, because without it you'll eventually get bored and so will your clients. That's why I created these incredible templates. 

  • 20 Ninja Workout Templates (1000's of possible workouts)
  • 52 Musical Finisher Drills (100% original designs) 
  • 52 Finisher templates, so you can make every session fun.
  • 21 Super effective finisher drills that get results.

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Grab both manuals now for just $97 $27


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