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A Step-By-Step Guide To Crafting Fun And Result Focused Online Group Workouts 

Take Your Online Workouts To The Next Level With These Inside Secrets

Hi, I'm Leon an online trainer, and founder of the Workout Design Club.

If you train your clients online via Zoom or Facebook live, you'll know how difficult it can be coming up with fun and exciting workouts to keep your clients happy and engaged. 

"UBW is a collection of fun & innovative online workout templates that lets you craft fun and result focused workouts in a matter of seconds. Each template can build over 100 powerful workouts that can be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment-based or a mixture of both".

UBW 'The Complete Collection' Gives You The Confidence To Perform Like A Pro, Every Time


  • 62 Templates, so you can design fun online sessions fast, which will keep your clients hooked, and referring friends. 
  • 310 Done for you online workouts, so you save a lot of time and hassle, which frees up more of your time and energy.
  • A wide selection of different challenges (fun warm-ups, games, team-drills, finishers etc) so you can add lots of variety to your classes, meaning your clients won't get bored and leave. 
  • Pre-programmed workouts using over 150 fun bodyweight exercises, so each session is different, meaning  you'll have a more varied and enjoyable programme.
  • The ability to slot in your own exercises be that bodyweight, equipment based, or a combination of both, so you can design 100's of different workouts using the templates, meaning you'll never run out of fun workouts.
  • Time based workouts, so each player (regardless of ability) can work at an intensity that is right for them, meaning everybody gets an effective workout, and finishes together as a team, at the same time.  


"It takes me less than 60 seconds"

"Because of COVID 19 I have been forced to take my workouts online. I don't know anything about designing online workouts, and I don't have the time to learn. Thank God for Unique Bodyweight Workouts. It takes me less than 60 seconds to choose a section of exercises and slot them into a challenge template. I love that all the workouts are different with their own unique twist. Thanks to you my clients have nothing but good things to say about my classes. I am beyond grateful to Leon. What a time saver. Thank you.”

Daniel Power  // Power Camp Online - UK

"This has really taken an element of stress away ."

We have really appreciated your response to the current climate with providing a new manual incorporating online sessions. This has really taken an element of stress away in such a turbulent time, totally love it. We hadn’t even considered not continuing with our valuable WDC membership but its simply awesome to feel so supported so thank you!

Penny Rendell  // Metabolic Precision Online - AUS

"My clients are loving these online workouts. ."

My clients are loving these online workouts. They are super easy to explain, each format is completely is different, and most impotently they are fun to do. Also loving how  quick and easy it is to fill out the templates. Thank you so much. .

Paul Davis  // Military Bootcamp Online UK

"I purchased UBW and all I can say is WOW!"

“I have moved my clients online until I can return to my regular sessions. Online training is so different and I've been struggling to come up with good ideas. I purchased UBW and all I can say is WOW! My clients are loving it. Fun, innovative and the workouts are easy to design".

Kelly Amanda  // Online Zoom trainer UK


During this special launch, I'm giving away 3 of my most popular workout resources that are on sale right now for a combined price of $391. Warning: The amazing bonuses will be removed once the timer hits zero.

"E3MOM is the ultimate in so many ways"

"I truly love E3MOM! There is so much variety and many possibilities for creating strength training workouts, HIIT challenges, cardio based drills and more. I have always loved the EMOM format and E3MOM is the ultimate in so many ways. Better still, they are programmed to challenge all ability levels. Thank you Leon for continuing to create workouts that can be utilised by just about anyone, whether in a group setting, 1-1 PT or for my own workout routines".

Kim Carnes  // Balance Boot Camp - USA

Value: $47

Ultimate Swipe File

The Ultimate Workout Swipe File contains 102 creative group drills that can be mixed and matched to design a wide variety of fun and effective workouts. These cheat sheets (that I recommend you print out) will provide you with workout inspiration no matter where you find yourself planning workouts. 

"I run a very popular bootcamp and my classes are always booked solid. Your workout concepts and ideas are really fantastic and have been very inspirational to me". 

Leanne Murphy  // Just Strong - AUS

Value: $47

Ninja Card System - Video Training Course

The more enjoyable your sessions are, the longer your clients will stick around. It's as simple as that. The Ninja Card System is a 12 module video training course that teaches 1-1 personal trainers how to create fun and effective challenges using a decks of cards (sometimes two).

Each module teaches you a fun and unique challenge format that you can tailor specifically for each client by slotting in your preferred exercises, be that bodyweight, equipment based, or a combination of both. 

This course will give you the skills to spice up your 1-1 PT sessions, so you can have more fun training your clients, and they can have more fun training with you. It's a win win and a great way to help retain your clients. 

Value: $297



Last year I launched UBW volume 1 for $47. However, I know that times are tough right now, so I'm going to give you the full collection for the same price. This will give you the power to make your workouts extra special, so you

can create an ongoing buzz around your online classes. 

I want to make you a promise. If this unique online training system doesn't save you an incredible amount of time and energy, and dramatically boost your retention and referrals, I will give you a full refund within the first 365 days. Thats how confident I am that these ideas with benefit your live and business.  

Here's a quick recap of everything you get. 

1. UBW 1 ($47)

2. Super Flex Hero 1 ($47)

3. UBW Vol 2 ($47)

4. Super Flex Hero 2 ($47)

5. UBW 3 ($47)

6. E3MOM ($47)

7. Ultimate Swipe File ($47)

8. Ninja Card System ($297)

The total value of everything in this amazing system is $626.



If, for any reason, you don't like these fun online workouts, you can get a full refund within 365 days by contacting our friendly support team.

Who is the ONLINE Bundle for?

Online trainers using Zoom, Facebook Live or pre-made video. These ideas can also be used for indoor and outdoor bootcamps, which gives you a lot more value.

are these digital or real books?

They are digital PDF''s that last forever. However, if you wish you can print them out. 

Are THey suitable for all abilities? 

Yes! Our online workouts are suitable for all ability levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), meaning each player can work at an intensity that is perfect for them. 

What Equipment Do MY CLIENTS NEED?

None! These templates are pre-programmed using a wide selection of bodyweight exercises (150 in total). However, you can slot in whatever exercises you like (bodyweight, equipment based, a combination of both), providing your clients all have the same equipment. I.e., Kettlebell, dumbbells, resistance bands etc. 


Upon purchase you will be redirected to a download link for instant access. You can either keep the bundle in my online folder which gives you lifetime access (this folder will never be deleted). Or you can download the material as and when you need it.  

Hi I'm Leon.

After leaving the British Commandos in 2013,  I used my qualifications as a PT & group trainer to open my first outdoor bootcamp - Sound Fitness Team Training, Plymouth UK. My unique approach of designing effective workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun allowed me to grow Sound Fitness to 120+ members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth. 

I created the Workout Design Club for bootcamp trainers who love keeping 
their sessions fresh and fun, but don't always have the time to keep coming up with new ideas. With over 2000 creative drills to choose from, the WDC gives you a simple, proven plan for delivering consistently amazing workouts.

When I'm not creating workouts, I'm hanging out with Sophie and our 2 beautiful girls Alba and Lili. Our absolute world. Happy times. 

To your continued success.
Leon Melnicenko
CEO - Workout Design Club 


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